Adobe Finally Updates Creative Cloud Desktop Client to Solve Infuriating Pop-Up Issue

For those with Creative Cloud subscriptions, you may have been rudely and often interrupted by Adobe's Creative Cloud desktop client popping up in your menu taskbar (a very similar phenomenon occurred with both Mac and PC platforms). For such an annoying issue, it took Adobe quite some time to come to our rescue, but we can finally celebrate a new kind of independence. Alas, my migraines are finally fading — CC now politely stays where it belongs. That is all. Make sure you update. Have a nice day.

Dramatic Beauty Tutorial Part 5: High Contrast Black & White Conversion

In the final part of the Dramatic Beauty Portrait Tutorial, we will look at how I do my Black and White conversion. This image is a dramatic image so it calls for a punchy and high-contrast black and white conversion. In this tutorial, I will show you how I stack blending modes and adjustment layers to get my image exactly where I want it. You can follow these steps in your own images or use the techniques and customize them for your own use. In the video you will also see how to use layer masks to create targeted adjustments for your high-contrast black and white portraits.

Give your iPhone Manual Controls with the DxO ONE

DxO, a company best known for its software, has unveiled a pocket-sized DSLR quality camera that is meant to be paired with your iPhone. Using the iPhone as a control panel and proofing screen, the camera itself concentrates on capturing images using it's own lens and settings. This idea could be the best of the DSLR and iPhone worlds. It's small and offers much more versatility and control than the normal iPhone camera all the while, still capitalizing on the immediacy of sharing with an iPhone camera.

Adobe Announces New Stock Image Service

Yesterday, along with many other updates across its creative suite, Adobe announced new its stock image licensing program. The libraries are integrated directly into Adobe’s various creative software, making it incredibly easy for users to browse, test, and integrate stock images or graphics directly into their projects. Adobe acquired stock photo provider Fotolia earlier this year, and has used its image and graphic assets to launch this new service. According to Adobe, there are over...

Google and GoPro Jump into Virtual Reality

Google has announced Jump at their 2015 I/O conference, a new 360-degree virtual reality platform that will be launching this summer. Google's hope is to make virtual reality more accessible. Jump will use raw video footage to assemble a 3D virtual reality space. It's aiming to be the premiere workflow for assembling virtual reality worlds.

Adobe Shows Off Dehaze Tool in Upcoming Lightroom Update

Despite what you think of the pricing model, everyone should agree that the Creative cloud system is great for the ability to receive rapid updates to the Adobe product line. Shown off last night, is the latest tool being developed by Adobe, allowing you to add and subtract haze into your photos using a built in Lightroom slider called Dehaze. This powerful new tool, should add a new level of creativity to your photos with ease.

Use Luminosity Masks to Enhance Your Landscape Photography

Our cameras today are extremely powerful with settings and features that help us archive stellar image quality. But sometimes the images we come home with just don't capture the true essence of what was photographed and what our eyes saw. The photo is just a bit overexposed or underexposed and doesn't capture what we felt in that moment we pressed down on the shutter button. We fiddle and tweak in Photoshop with sliders and brushes, but there is another tool to add to the arsenal: masks. Specifically, luminosity masks.

Dramatic Beauty Tutorial Part 2: Preparing Your Image for Retouching Using Lightroom and Camera Raw

In Part 1 of our Dramatic Beauty Portrait Tutorial, we looked at the lighting setup, gear breakdown, and shooting of our dramatic beauty shoot. In Part 2 of the tutorial we will now look at two different ways of exporting and preparing your image for retouching. The first method involves creating versions in Lightroom and exporting directly to Photoshop. The other method utilizes Adobe Camera Raw and the ability to make variations within Photoshop. I will also discuss the overall goal of our pre-edit stage.

Coolors Is A New App That Quickly And Easily Generates Beautiful Color Palettes

Coolors is a fantastic new app that I stumbled across the other day. It is an incredibly easy and intuitive way to generate a beautiful 5 color palette for any situation. Primarily developed for designers it has instant appeal to us photographers. We deal with colors in most of our work and knowing how to match and complement effectively can make or break the images we create.

How the Retouching Academy Beauty Retouch Panel Improved My Workflow

Since its first version, Photoshop has changed quite a lot. The functionalities it offers are greater now than ever before. But plugins are legion and for beginners it is hard to differentiate the ones that are truly useful and those that are just a waste of money. The Retouching Academy Beauty Panel has been around for a little while and was revamped very recently. I use it all the time when retouching but I get many questions about it. I am frequently asked if it is worth its price and if it makes my retouching any better. Here is my take on the panel, why I bought it, and above all, why I keep using it everyday.

Sneak Peek of Adobe Mobile Retouching Capabilities

Adobe has released a YouTube video highlighting some of the retouching features that may be available in upcoming Adobe mobile apps. While no release date is given yet, the video shows off some pretty impressive abilities that accentuate the mobile device's touchscreen and makes the application more user friendly for quick changes or creative endeavors. This video has us excited for what retouching abilities are being brought to our mobile devices. Watch the video and have a look for yourself.