[Workflow] PhVusion Software Lets You Edit Video In Photoshop

While in Las Vegas for WPPI, I met Rob Adams and Vanessa Joy who are two talented videographers and photographers respectively. They are both at the top of the wedding market and often speak to photographers about how they can incorporate video into their businesses (something we have been preaching here for years). To help photographers make the video transition easier, Rob and Vanessa have designed PhVusion video editing software which allows you to trim and color correct video directly in Photoshop.

[Video] Patrick Boivin's Interactive Prime vs Prime and Other Lessons in Stop Motion Animation

In this post you will see two awesome examples of homegrown stop motion animation by Patrick Boivin. Patrick has done some amazing work such as, "AT-AT Day Afternoon", which we featured awhile back. For the first video, you get to shape the outcome of a battle between the first generation Optimus Prime and the latest generation Optimus. I hold this up as a fun example of what patients and creativity can yield with todays, easily accessible technology.

[News/Video] Police Diligence or Harassment?

I'm not sure if I'm over reacting but this kind of thing get's my blood boiling. What kind of thing? Picture being on an over pass, late one night, shooting a time lapse video (maybe to win the next big Fstoppers contest) when you are approached by a police officer. The officer questions what you are doing and why and then demands your ID. You know that you are observing all the laws and regulation, have commited no crime and are not obligated to justify yourself. What happens next? Well,Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania-based photographer Jason Macchioni can tell you. Better yet, he can show with this video.

[Video] 12,000 Sheets of Paper: 1 Awesome Video

The music video for Josh Ritter's "Love Is Making Its Way Back Home" was created with over 12,000 pieces of laser cut, construction paper. Directed by Erez Horovitz and conceptualized by Sam Cohen and Erez Horovitz, this video didn't utilized any effects in post production. Everything you see in the final video is purely a physical set of frame by frame photographs, of the paper cut outs, with no effects added.

[Video] Impressive Short Film Of Chicago Uses Timelapse, Slow-Mo

There are a lot of timelapse and slow-mo shorts out there, but rarely do they have a narrative. “Projecting Reflections” is a short film by Preston Kanak and crew that blends these techniques and adds an alluring voiceover, and the result is something more than just a pretty video. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m loving all of these timelapse videos that have come out lately depicting cities around the world. How about you?

[News] Photoshop Touch Now Available for iPad 2

Adobe has finally let iPad 2 users in on Photoshop Touch (Android tablet users have had this for some time now). Having impulse buy issues I just dropped the $9.99 that it costs for the app but being so excited to share the news, I've yet to review it. Some of the highlights Adobe is boasting are: being able to work with core Photoshop tools designed for tablets, using your tablet camera to fill area on layers, select parts of an image to extract by scribbling, and being able to sync files to Adobe Creative Cloud and open in Photoshop.

[BTS Video] The Oscars "Icons" Photo Shoot
With the Oscars taking place tomorrow, it seems like the perfect time to present a b.t.s. video of an Oscar related photo shoot. The Hollywood Reporter has made a behind the scenes video for their most recent photo shoot, entitled:"Oscar Icons". The "Icons" include Helen Mirren, Michael Douglas and some guy named Charlie Sheen. Check out the full post for the video.

[Video] Etnies' Aimless - Behind the Scenes
"Public Domaine" was the name of a skateboarding themed art exhibition that took place at The Gaîté Art Museum in Paris last summer. To celebrate their 25th Anniversary, shoemaker Etnies commissioned award-winning skateboard filmmaker Mike Manzoori to create a unique piece of video art for the exhibit. And unique is exactly what he provided with a bizarrely super wide angle aspect ratio film that was projected on the walls of the exhibit. He also used some very interesting tools to achieve this look, including the RED One, Custom rigs for holding 3x DSLRs, and a spinning 360 GoPro Rig. To see the full post click here.

[Video] Filming 3 TV spots in one day (in Russian)
Greetings Comrads, I hope you've brushed up on your Russian because today we take a little journey via the world wide web to motherland Russia. We'll be watching a BTS video from PP Productions as they shoot three 30-second TV spots for Elitech Tools. It's a pretty big production that goes into the making of spots like these, especially when your doing 3 in one day. Click here to see the full post.

[BTS Video] 13:59 - Short film testing the Canon C300
Prior to the official launch of the Canon C300, Canon sent pre-production samples to a bunch of cinematographers for real-world testing. Mario Feil was one of those film makers and once he got the call from Canon confirming his sample was on the way, he only had one day for pre-production, 2 days to shoot, and 2 days of post-production to get his film done on time. Watch the BTS video shot by Peter Hainzl by clicking here.