[BTS Video] Joe McNally Shoots The Sense Of Sight (Circa 1992)
A unique behind the scenes look with Joe McNally in his Sense of Sight cover story (A National Geographic Production - circa 1992). Talk about a blast from the past. It's great seeing his thought process and work ethic through the entire process. It shows that no matter how old this video is, there's still a lot to be learned from watching the master at work. Check out the full post to see the video.

[Video] Custom Firmware Enables HDR Video On Canon DSLRs
The custom firmware developers over at Magic Lantern recently released a new version of their firmware for the Canon 550D, 60D, 500D and 50D which adds an HDR function to video recording. A release for the 5Dm2 is out for beta testing at the moment. The footage looks a little stilted when there is motion, but this is still pretty incredible considering the firmware is free to anyone who wants it! See the technical bts video.

[Video] Nikon D4 Video Features Demonstration (Updated)

The new Nikon D4 has some amazing capabilities on paper, and by now most people have seen the amazing video by Corey Rich. The video below demonstrates many of the D4's new video features, including using an iPhone or iPad to control the camera, clean HDMI out onto an external recorder, and selecting the crop modes. Nikon really did this one right, but it looks to me as though that the focus tracking makes the aperture breathe, which would make it unusable during recording. See if you can spot where he knocks the camera over by mistake!

Update: Also, check out the full post for a demo of the D4 working with the new WT-5 wireless transmitter and the iPad.

[Gear]  The "Epic" RED Scarlet-X
I thought I'd start at Fstoppers posting about the newest add-on to the RED camera family. The Red Scarlet-X. If you don't know what RED is, take a second, stop reading, open a new tab on your browser, and visit WWW.RED.COM. For those of you that know about RED and their amazing cameras you're fully aware that they released the RED SCARLET-X this past November of 2011. The camera starts at an amazing low(er) price of $11,700. For a camera that shoots RAW and looks that close to true 35mm at just under $12,000 is just insane! Until the release of their most anticipated camera, the RED EPIC-X( no release date yet ), the Scarlet-X is still currently the camera to beat in its price range. Click the full post to see what I'm talking about

[Video] Shooting Fighter Pilots In Flight
Justin de Reuck takes us with him on his job of taking photographs of fighter pilots in flight. Though there is no dialogue, the visual element speaks for itself. Photography is difficult enough as it is, but try doing it under excessive g-force and being upside down! He almost makes it look too easy. If you think this is cool, check out the full post to see an F18 pilot with his GoPro camera. You don't want to miss seeing this!

[Video] 2 Great Video Production Tips For Products
The guys over at SLR Lounge created a killer new bag called the "ONE" bag that can be used to hold just about anything you need. A couple weeks back they created a kickstarter project to help raise money to produce the bag and they also created a BTSV that explained how they shot the kickstarter video. If you are at all interested in video then you should check out their 2 latest videos that focus on 2 different shots in their promo. Check out the full post for the second video.

[Visual Inspiration] Street Art Ninjas: A Lesson in Mix and Match Media
Check out this video from Corridor Digital! I love graffiti and street art, and it's a great lesson to all of us on how mixing and matching media can make an addictive, fun video. The fake door shot reminds me of so many shows and cartoons I saw growing up. If you think about it, they mixed graffiti, acting, and stills for an awesome end product. I want to see one of our readers do something similar with photo stills! I can't help but think Corridor Digital's style in this video has incredible, untapped power in the advertising world. What do you think? And which one of you is going to top this?

[Failure] Skycam Falls From Sky During Football Game
If you've watched an american football game, you've seen those cool shots from high up in the air. They come from a camera called the Skycam which was actually invented by the same people who designed the Steadicam used in movie productions. It's basically a remote camera controlled by four computer driven suspension cables. But what happens when everything goes wrong and the camera comes crashing to the ground? Well that's exactly what happened during the 2011 Insight College Bowl Game featuring Iowa and Oklahoma. Luckily the camera missed landing on any of the players but it sure did come close. Check out the full post to see a behind the scenes video on how the Skycam works.

[BTS Video] So This Is What Happens To Your Luggage During Your Delta Flight
Have you ever wondered what happens to your checked luggage after you check into your flight and leave it to be loaded on the conveyor belt? Well this video will show you just what happens to your prized belongings when they enter the hands of the airlines and the TSA. Six cameras were mounted in what looks like a pelican case so every angle could be documented. Obviously all of the bag handlers were aware they were being filmed (so who knows how authentic this 'experiment' actually is) but it's still pretty interesting to see how your bag gets from the Delta Terminal to your final luggage terminal in another city. Am I the only one who thinks if I did this the TSA inspectors would have turned my cameras off or changed their position? They never seem to leave my carry on lenses alone yet these video cameras go untouched. Nevertheless, thumps up to Delta for a creative advertising campaign.

[BTS Video] How Those Amazing Time-Lapse Videos Were Made From Space
The ISO sensitivity on today's flagship DSLR cameras is pretty amazing. They are so amazing in fact that for the first time, NASA is able to use Nikon D3 cameras to create night time timelapse videos as the earth sleeps. You've probably seen a bunch of these stunning videos here but now we are able to see who is responsible for capturing the raw images from orbit. Mike Massimino takes you behind the scenes with astronaut/photographer Mike Fossum as he talks about his passion for long exposure photography from space. The audio is pretty rough so use headphones if you have trouble hearing.

[Video] Need Tips On How To Light An Interview?  Watch This Video
Well it's Christmas Eve here in the US and many of you are about to have a blast opening up some cool photography gadgets (or I hope so at least). But in the meantime, Eve Hazelton created a really thorough video on how to light an interview or one person scene easily and effectively. Eve is the director of photography for the film Underwater Realm which we've feature a ton on Fstoppers (check out their great BTS videos here). Her work is so helpful that Philip Bloom featured an interesting article on this video over on his blog. Check it out if you prefer an image breakdown of lighting instead of the video format. Hopefully you guys can start using some of these techniques in your own videos especially if you ever submit to our Behind The Scenes Contests down the road.