[Video] Glow In The Dark Surfboards Make For Awesome Night Video
Hey guys, my name is Lauren and I'm the newest addition to the Fstoppers team. Having lived in Charleston for a while, I have many friends who are huge surfers. This campaign video is super creative and it has really sparked my imagination. Even if you're not the least bit interested in surfing, the use of these portable neon lights can be used for all sorts of photo projects. This glow-in-the-dark surf session was part of the cider company Strongbow’s “Welcome to Summer” campaign. Click the full post to watch a second video explaining how they used Electroluminescent wire (EL Wire) to light up their suits and boards. Maybe this will spark some imagination for those of you who still need to create a video for our Behind the Scenes Contest.

[BTS Video] Go Behind The Scenes With Monday Night Football
If you are from the US, then chances are every Monday night your television is tuned into football. Monday Night Football is a cultural staple in North America and one of the largest traveling media productions around. ESPN sports announcer Mike Tirico (surely you recognize his voice) gives a great commentary to this slideshow of behind the scenes images as you get a tour throughout the entire Monday Night Football experience. Everything from the meetings, the cue cards, the commentary booth, the cameras, and the production trailers are included in this fun look into one of my own favorite sports (not sure what happened to the audio guys though). It's pretty incredible to see this circus of technology and then realize this whole team travels the entire country week in and week out.

[Video] Indie Film Making Tips, How To Make A Safe Explosion
Realm Pictures has been working on "The Underwater Realm" (one of the most ambitious indie film attempts I've ever seen) for months now and have been coming out with great BTSVs along the way. The team recently realized that they need to film parts of their movie in an underwater studio and to do this they need to raise more funds. The team has turned to to help out but they aren't just asking for money. If you pledge $50 you will receive a special edition copy of their movie "Zomblies" and 10 in-depth video tutorials on indie film making tips like the one below. In the video below Dave shows us how to make a safe and explosion on an indie budget. If you feel like helping these guys out head over to Kickstarter and pledge today.

[BTS Video] Mounted GoPro Captures The Life Of A Wedding Photographer
With just under three weeks left until the deadline of our 2011 Behind The Scenes Contest, our readers are really hitting it into high gear by turning in some awesome videos! Some of the ideas you guys come up with are really clever and a refreshing alternative to the boring "glamorized music videos" we receive daily. Wedding photographer Jaroslav Repta (based out of Bratislave, Slovakia) recently filmed an entire wedding from the perspective of his camera by mounting a GoPro Hero on his DSLR. Having started off as a wedding photographer myself, I found it really interesting to watch some of the conditions Jaroslav had to work in, and how his creative eye made the most of every situation. Weddings are tough with harsh sunlight one second and low light action the next, but Jaroslav shows how he (and tons of other fstoppers) work quick to find an interesting image. Love or hate weddings, I think everyone will get a kick out of seeing the hustle and bustle required at every wedding.

[Video] Quechua Brings The Animal Kingdom Together For A Commercial
These days it's not surprising to find out that most of what you see in a movie or commercial is completely green screened or created with CGI. So I was pleasantly shocked when I saw the behind the scenes video for the outdoor clothing company Quechua's latest advertisement. The slow motion footage of wild animals interacting with hikers and campers is nothing sort of amazing. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video as much as I did. Click the full post to watch the final video. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

[DIY Video] How To Build And Light A Set For A Product Campaign
Yesterday we got an interesting email from our friend Pye Jirsa over at Pye recently helped film a video campaign for a friend's Kickstarter product launch called One and he decided to film a quick behind the scenes video on how he lit and filmed the different scenes. Pye is a big DIY guy and many of the lights he used on this production can be found for super cheap. We don't usually post a lot of Kickstarter proposals but the lighting tips from this one were simply too good to pass up. Watch the BTS video below and then click the full post to view the final video.

[Video] An Amazing Dance Video Filmed With A Single iPhone
Sometimes we need to be reminded that we have all of the tools we need to create the projects that we envision. It's easy to just think "if I only had that new camera I could finally take the type of pictures I want to." or "If I could just afford the new Red Scarlet I could finally produce that video concept I've been thinking about." I can tell you from experience that you have access to everything you need right now. Stop thinking so much and take the cell phone out of your pocket and do it.

[BTS Video] Red Bull Gives Cameras Wings To Film 3D Motocross Commercial
Red Bull no doubt has some of the best sports video work I've ever seen. In their latest sports commercial, the energy drink company takes to the skies as they film 2x Women's Motocross Association Champion Ashley Fiolek. Ashley, who has been deaf since birth, has been making a lot of noise on the women's circuit, and she has become an inspiration to fans of the sport world wide. The video features some interesting camera angles with much of the footage coming from cable suspended camera. Everything was filmed in 3D to give the POV shots a bit of kick as Ashley soars through the air. Check out the behind the scenes video below and then click on the full post to watch the final commercial.

[Video] How To Color Grade Underwater Photos And Video
A few months back I posted a video created by the team at The Underwater Realm showing how they created waterproof hotlights to be used on their feature film that is currently under production. Their entire movie is planned to take place underwater and the shots will be a combination of real underwater footage and studio work. Anyone who has ever shot anything underwater knows that the deeper you go, the bluer the image becomes. With a little bit of color work you can create a much more pleasing looking image. Fast forward to 4:00 for the goods.

[Video] Toshiba Sends A Chair Into Space With A Balloon
I am shocked that I've never seen this amazing commercial before. I actually overlooked it a few times because I thought it was fake. It wasn't until I saw this BTSV that I found out that this really did happen. The camera had to endure temperatures down to 90 degrees below 0 and a massive fall once the balloon finally popped. Luckily the gear survived with the help of a parachute and they were able to create this amazing commercial. Check out the finished commercial in the full post.

[BTS Video] Jelly Bean Music Video Takes Over A Year To Produce
It seems every week someone is producing a piece of art that pushes the limits of both technology and also creativity. One trend has been to create commercials and videos completely in camera with minimal post processing. The new music video for Kina Grannis completely blows my mind! Director Greg Jardin worked with Kina to produce a music video that features "jellybean art" in a stop motion sort of way. The video is not only incredibly entertaining but by creating such an interesting video, Kina has found a way to spread her talent to a much larger audience (almost 2 million people at the moment). Even if you may never create something that requires this much work, as a creative professional you should always be thinking of a clever way to share your work to a larger audience. Check out the video below and then click the full post to watch the making of video.

[Video] Shooting Bullet Time Video In The Ocean With 30 GoPros
I think this video has now been submitted to us about 5 times and we have simply been slow to post it. Rip Curl and TimeSlice, partners in the overall development, used 30 GoPro HD video cameras to freeze an infinite number of moments that could be viewed. The major benefit being a better way of catching all the performance surfing the Rip Curl team riders were doing, rather than just a fraction of it.

[Video] Paraglider Collides With Eagle, Saved By Reserve Chute
Here is your heart thumping GoPro video of the week. During a routine paragliding expedition in the Indian Himalayans an eagle collides and is caught in the chute lines of the glider. Acting quickly he deploys the reserve chute and lands safely and frees the bird from the lines. This video would be scary from a 3rd person's perspective but it is even more horrifying watching it first person, from a helmet cam.

[Video] Peter Jackson Explains How He Films The Hobbit In 3D
I'm not sure I believe that 3D is the way of the future but the current technology behind it does fascinate me. Check out the video below in which Peter Jackson takes us behind the scenes of his much anticipated film The Hobbit. In this video Peter and his team explain how they use 2 Red Epics to produce the most realistic type of 3D footage available today. How many of you guys actually own a 3D TV? Maybe we all will one day but at this point, I don't know a single person with one.