Be Creative with Your Edits Like These Japanese School Girl Ninjas

What started out as a couple of school girls playfully creating a video ends up as an ad spot for Suntory's C.C. Lemon.  This is not an educational video so much as another good demonstration of how low cost gear and some skilled editing can turn out pretty awesome, that is, if the camera shakes don't make you nauseous.  A lazy Sunday afternoon is a good time to take this inspiration, your creativity, a cell phone camera and a couple of fast moving Japanese school girls to go make your very own ninja video. 

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This kinda looks like Mirror's Edge, loved that game :D

With a sprinkling of Samurai Jack

Haha, yeah!

Nice editing. :)

Innovative, caffeinated splendor.

Thats what i call "NINJA EDIT" :D

Like this one

That strikes me as WAY too elaborately staged and choreographed to be "a couple of school girls playfully creating a video". That's simply a commercial spot. Creative, but entirely planned out.

Not sure if being ironic or not, but I think it was pretty obvious. Also, in the very first line of the article, "What started out as a couple of school girls playfully creating a video ends up as an ad spot for Suntory's C.C. Lemon."

Yes, but it seems to imply that said footage was used in the spot using "creative editing". I can see some kids footage inspiring the production, but this is built from the ground up. Great idea, and great spot regardless.

A+ Cool, well done!!!

annoying, to me.

Yea, this was pretty awesome.