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Check Out These Dramatic Celebrity Transformations Via Retouching

Check Out These Dramatic Celebrity Transformations Via Retouching

We recently came upon this gallery of before-and-after images of a few well known celebrities as seen in fashion magazines and large scale advertising campaigns. These are, it would seem, examples of just how far an image can be taken in post to make it usable for publication or advertising use. While the value of these photographs could be debated for days (some will say they're worthless, that the retouching is horrible, that this kind of stuff is rotting the minds of our youth, etc, not that I disagree...) I think it is incredibly interesting to see just how far an image can be taken by a retoucher. Do note, however, that it isn't the retoucher who chooses to take things this far, but usually the art director, so please refrain from lighting up the torches and getting out the pitchforks and pillaging the homes of your local retouchers.

Some of these photos are scans of magazines, so you'll have to forgive the quality, but I think the point gets across. This kind of retouching seems most prevalent in the celebrity world, as I don't often see retouching to these extremes done with images by photographers I know, though I will admit to not being incredibly well-versed on the ins and outs of fashion and glamour retouching for celebrity beauty mags. Would love to hear from photographers or retouchers to hear how common this type of work is.

Beyonce Beyonce

Penelope Cruz Penelope Cruz

Britney Spears Britney Spears

Madonna Madonna

Jessica Alba Jessica Alba

Keira Knightley Keira Knightley

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian

Eva Longoria Eva Longoria

Megan Fox Megan Fox

Faith Hill Faith Hill

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Alae Hatoum's picture

Not a lot has been done to Jessica Alba's besides her head tilting differently ... Which says a lot about her ... Same About Kardashian ... I didn't notice anything

Geert Vanden Broeck's picture

"Not a lot has been done to Jessica Alba's besides her head tilting differently"
and smaller hips.

Carsten Schlipf's picture

And her eyes...

In fact I found the picture of Jessica Alba one of the most heaviest retouched pictures - if it's really the same base image, which I doubt.

Jason Vinson's picture

 i was going to say the same thing. i dont think its the same base image... hair is different, wrinkles in clothes are different, direction of light is different, position of legs are different.

Paul Perger's picture

 I agree too.  The base image is definitely a different one.  Same shoot, and there has been some work done to the photo, as I'm sure she didn't lose 10 pounds in her hips in less than a day.  There is so much different about the pose, I find it very hard to believe Photo B is a retouch of Photo A.

Stefan Parol's picture

Its not- notice her armpit is different.

James Taylor's picture

its a different image taken at almost the same time. looks to me like it was taken on a different camera, I think that might be the togs shoulder right side of frame

Drunk Natums's picture

It's definitely not the same photo, left was taken w/o a strobe, they 'touched-up' photo has a strobe or possibly static light. Also very different perspective, look at the size of objects in the background, left is more telephoto, right image was taken slightly closer and more wide.

Look at the waist and hip line on Kim Kardashian again... 

mmmarc's picture

 Kardashian was slimmed down dramatically--look at her waist and thighs. For Jessica Alba, they're not even the same image, but you can tell that she needed less work than those other images. Madonna was downright terrifying...

Michael Osei's picture

Well... I don't think these are THAT dramatic... more standard stuff. Ok, the Beyonce picture is really funny.

Ananta Cuffee's picture

gotta love photoshop.

Albi Kl's picture

It's always nice to be reminded that I too, can be as beautiful as the rich and famous.

Agamemnon's picture

Le-au facut perfecte pt laba

Vadim Rybin's picture

Sorry, but Jessica Alba's pics are just two different images.

Jens Marklund's picture


agreed, flow of hair isn't the same, stance different, weight on the left arm is different, head tilt different. 

The "retouched" picture also has an extra light source.

Blue Cheese's picture

probably a behind the scenes photo by someone else.

Mark Dub's picture

But it's obviously from the same set so you can still see what was edited.

James Taylor's picture

 I can see some waist slimming but most of the work appear to be in the background

Tara Lundrigan's picture

Yeah totally. One is naturally lit, and one is lit with a few lights.

Mathok12's picture

sorry but half of them look fake.. and that means they are badly retouched.

i don´t know how some guys manage to make money in this business as they clearly lack the skills...

JimmySchaefer's picture


RepublicWay's picture

Care to share your gallery?

Elliott Montello's picture

Most of these images are so old now! Retouching has come on a long way in the last few years. These are all dated. But the photos of Jessica Alba are two different photos. They just haven't put up the original to compare but instead another photo of her on the same shoot before it was also retouched.

Elliott Montello's picture

And also is it just me or have they added some more curves to Eva Longoria? Made her arms and legs look less skeleton like?

Deebo12's picture

 They added curves slightly and brought her waist in a touch as well. 

I'm shocked, shocked to find out that the models and celebrities who appear in publications don't actually look like their images!  Everything about glamour photography is artificial. If it is done well, a typical viewer won't notice it. If it is done poorly, it draws attention to itself and away from subject. It's not how far you go, but how well you do it.

Lavon Figueroa's picture

 Faith Hill looks awesome in the first picture!

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