Christian Stoll's Futuristic Wide Angle Images

Christian Stoll's Futuristic Wide Angle Images

Here's a gorgeous set of images from photographer Christian Stoll called, appropriately, "Epic". He has an impeccable portfolio. What appeals to me the most is the composition of each frame, and his use of cool, desaturated color. He photographs worldwide print campaigns for IBM, Microsoft, and General Electric. Other clients in this series include Wired Magazine, BMW Magazine, and DB Schenker.

"Stoll's photography has been a major influence on the corporate image of global companies like General Electrics, IBM and Microsoft. Without being compelled to show greatness, he nonetheless succeeds in making greatness visible with his architectural settings and interior shots."

 Via: HUH.

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Mike Kelley's picture

These are all drop-dead gorgeous images.

Those spot are true ?! Really 0_0
Gorgeous photo by the way... Great angle of view.

Simply amazing! Do you think this is one-shot or composites? Wonder if it's a medium-format camera.

- Joe Gunawan |

great photography!

Awesome!  What is that one 5th from the bottom?  

Roman Kazmierczak's picture

 looks like production line of some sort

I thought maybe sort facility but don't know

Gary's picture

 But reminded me of the hive incubator in the Matrix.

Think it's one of the UPS sorting facilities.  Perhaps the one in memphis.

i feel like its a gigapan type of thing? no?

Gary's picture

 but the hull of the boat lookjs so seamless

Jason Zeis's picture


Joseph O Halloran's picture

Amazballs. Soooo cool!

Bua's picture

Holy moly!

BEAUTIFUL STUFF..... truly amazing work.  What wide-angle?

Anthony Molina's picture

how is the look called?

Jeremy Cupp's picture

Compositing and 3D renders probably. 


Amazing. But it's getting to the point that we need to know how they were made so we can decide how impressed to be ;)

Love the desaturated look.