Conceptual Advertising Image Photoshop Walkthrough

In this composite walkthrough, I take you through the various processes it took to create this advertising image. Throughout the video, you will hear my thoughts and why I decided on certain aspects.

My main thought when creating this image, was how can I add my own style and flavor to a product shot? How can I showcase something that will make any viewer stop and stare? For me, this usually comes down to story and lots of elements for my eye to take in visually. I love images where there are multiple elements to scan and find...they pull you in and more than likely have you stare at the image longer than a standard photo.

To create these kinds of images you either need a big set, an epic location which isn't always easy. Or as I usually do, you can go the composite route. If you go the composite route there are core foundation techniques you will need to learn. Cutting out and masking, composition, color matching, and blending. Pretty much all my composites use the same core foundations in all of them with only some variation in the final finishing stages.

It is easy to get a grip of these techniques within a short period of time. I truly believe one of the best ways to learn, apart from dedicated tutorials, is to watch other creatives speed edits and walkthroughs online. A trick I have used many times on YouTube is to slow down the speed edit in the options settings on the bottom right. This way you can see every technique that is getting used.

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Robert K Baggs's picture

Incredible work.

Great work and creating shapes i.e triangles is one of those little secrets that you don't often hear about that can subtlety really make a difference. Not just in post production but when out shooting with the camera too this is good to have in the back of the mind.

Clinton Lofthouse's picture

Thank you. Yeah, there are so many little compositional techniques that get overlooked.