Go Behind The Scenes With Erik Almas and Don Julio

Erik Almas creates scenes that make you stop and stare and wonder how it was created. His imagery evokes emotion, tells a story, and makes photographers wonder how he pulled it off. On this campaign for Don Julio Tequila, Erik takes us behind the scenes on multiple locations to show us the production that goes into one of his shoots. 

Erik grew up in Trondheim, Norway and is a commercial photographer based in San Francisco. His clients include Intercontinental Hotel Group, American Airlines, Absolut, Ritz Carlton, Credit Suisse, Genentech, Union Pacific, Toyota, Hyatt, Puma, Pfizer, Microsoft and Nike. For more behind the scenes work from Erik and to view the rest of this campaign, visit his website.






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The undisputed king of commercial photography.

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love it!

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i would like to know how the raw images did look like and how much effort was spent in post!

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Many hours, each. I'm certain of it. He's shooting his scenes as composite and bracket. Using the advantage of daylight for more edit/depth control. You can use the lowest iso, and really stop down the lens so everything is in focus (and be selective about DOF in post), etc.

You have to plan and pre-visualize your desired final shot, and in doing so you have to determine how the lights will fall/play to make the final result more convincing. It's also much easier to shoot your talent in/against the same set (vs. against a screen) to ease masking, blending and perspective. In short, this is what happens when you have an editor shoot your project.

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He is a god of pre-visualization. Interesting how he shoots many of the images during the day and then massages them together in post. The images do look a little too 'fantasy' for my tastes but that might have been the art direction. A lot of his stuff is a bit softer in terms of color and light, but of course very impressive all the same. Would love to have a meal with this guy!

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It's easier to shoot in the day when you wish to have more control in faking night shots.

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I find the depth of field in the bar and dinner shot rather strange, it looks like it has some shifted focus, but it seems there is no tilt-shit lens on the camera nor a TS-adapter. Is it done in post?

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It probably was!

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Absolutely amazing!!!!!

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Visually pleasing in every sense!!!!

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Stunning work!

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Awesome Gary thank for this post.