[Pictures] Unbelievable Macro Shots Taken Inside Instruments

[Pictures] Unbelievable Macro Shots Taken Inside Instruments

These images are absolutely unique in the way they're taken. They were taken for the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra for their print campaign. The images show the insides of a violin, cello, flute, and pipe organ. The tight spaces of these instruments appear grand and spacious considering the true nature of their space. 

Art direction by photographer Bjoern Ewers.

[Via Behance]

From Pratik:

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Wow....has this ever been done before?, Amazing!!!...props to the photographer for artistic vision and execution!!!!!

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Now that is frikken cool!



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Very nice.  Thanks for sharing!

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curious as to which macro he used.

Isn't no2 a guitar? (The shape of the inside and the circular hole?)

And couldn't all the pictures be taken with a regular wide angle? DOF and POV sure as hell don't look like macro, and I'm pretty sure that my canon 17-40 can pull off that close focus at f/22.
If you don't believe me, grab a shoebox, cut it so its half as tall (roughly the size of a violin), punch some holes in the top for light to go in and a round hole in the back so you can stick your lens and try it yourself. The picture of the flute made me doubt though, and I'm not sure about how thick is the inside of a flute like the one in the picture, but I just took a picture of a crystal flower base from the same POV. The base is 2" thick and 12" long and I got a very similar DOF and POV to the one in the flute.Just saying... : )

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Yeah, from what I can tell:

1) Cello / Bass (hard to tell which)
2) Guitar
3) Flute
4) Organ
5) Violin / Viola

I, too, wonder how these were taken. Did they sacrifice these instruments? Because I'm 100% sure you can't fit an SLR and lens into the body of any string instrument through the f holes, hahaha.

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If you wanted to take a picture inside an 'old' violin ( given a small enough camera) you could find one that was being rebuilt and just about to have the top glued back on, and put the camera inside, stringing the wire through the end hole. Along with any lights needed behind the camera. For an instrument with larger openings, you just need a small battery pack, and some patience. Plenty of high-quality, tiny camera modules available.

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1) Likely a Viola da gamba, but certainly not a cello. See that it has a flat back with horizontal bracing. You are looking down from the neck joint to the bottom block.

5) Cello. You can tell this by the long and thin corner and neck blocks, height of the ribs and thickness of the bass bar.

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Multiple exposures superimposed.

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That was my suspicion too. The real challenge is for someone to actually do this with a camera now. No cheating!

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 but the images in the CGI section look like CGI and the other images not.

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Hmm....  Who's a naughty boy....

No one is safe on the internet....

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amazing!  beautiful :)

these are so cool, wish i had thought of idea. beautiful!

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Wicked !!!!!

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I'm guessing focus stacking, like with Helicon... but nonetheless, absolutely stunning work!!!!!!

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I'm confused now. Are they CGI or not?
On the art directors website (Björn Ewers) he clearly credits Mierswa Kluska as the photographer(s) and when I look at their website they have both the CGI images mentioned above and the images used in the promotion. The CGI images are obviously of a lower quality but their similarity in composition is almost identical with the promo-images; which more or less makes me wonder if the CGI's shown are just drafts of what was used later on or similar by coincidence.

Given this fact I actually start to think that they're more CGI's than photos. Maybe just with really good textures.


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They are 100% all CGI images. Unfortunately! Still - his control of lighting in 3D modelling and texturing is fantastic

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Anyone want to permanently loan me a cello?

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Thanks for sharing. awesome shots :)

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Where did you get the idea that these were cgi? The title of that page says special fx, not cgi. First off, cgi is a visual effect, not a special effect and it's obvious if you look at that page that there are real photographs that have just had a lot of post-proc. done to them. Where did you come up with the cgi thing? Plus, it says in text on the images.

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I absolutely LOVE these images! Being a musician I have a certain appreciation for this work.

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