Red Bloods: Photographer Jason Swarr Releases Amazing Composite Comic Book

Red Bloods: Photographer Jason Swarr Releases Amazing Composite Comic Book

When it comes to tactical photography, Jason Swarr is one of the best. His business is called Straight 8 Custom Photography, and his images grace the cover of magazines such as Recoil Magazine, Survivers Edge, Personal Home & Defense Magazine, and many more. Being that both Jason and I are composite photographers in the tactical world, it's only natural that I keep up with his work. When I saw this amazing project today, I had to share it. You have got to check this out!

For the last three months Jason Swarr has been secretly working on a project for Shot Show called "Red Bloods." Straight 8 will be using the piece for promotion, but they are already working on a second edition. The comic book consists of over 130 composites and the whole project was funded by 13 different tactical companies. All the images were shot in studio with Alien Bee's and a 5D Mark III. Comic artist Stan Chou designed the sequential layouts and Weston Design Studios did the lettering. The comic also has a cameo featuring Zolton Bathory of Five Finger Death Punch.

What I love about this comic is how creative it is. Thinking outside the box like this is sure to get Jason and Straight 8 some attention. This just goes along with what my last article, "How 12 Images That Changed My Life Forever," was talking about. Spend some time coming up with a great concept and then go out there and execute it! Do something amazing!

This was pulled from Straight 8's Facebook page:

We would like to introduce our latest project debuting at Shot Show 2015. The RED BLOODS: A forty page photo composite saga from the studios of Straight 8 Custom Photography. Featuring Iain Harrison from RECOIL, Erin Switzer, Zoltan Bathory from Five Finger Death Punch, Jennifer Contreras, Anson Gordon, David Scrivner and a stellar supporting cast.

3000 hard copies will be distributed at SHOT Show and the free digital version goes live January 20th. Visit for more details on the project!

All images by Straight 8 Custom Photography and used with permission. 

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