"Alternative Perspectives" Series Features City and Landscapes in 360-Degree View

"Alternative Perspectives" Series Features City and Landscapes in 360-Degree View

New York City-based director and photographer Randy Scott Slavin pushes the boundaries of perception with his two part panoramic series “Alternate Perspectives.” Stitching several photographs together, his “Alternate Perspectives” series creates a different (and arguably more thorough) representation of the scenes he photographs by incorporating their every angle. 

Of his series, Slavin says, “When I began shooting landscapes, I was compelled to push the perspective. After experimenting heavily with panoramic photography, I developed a technique that could realize my desire to turn the real into the surreal. The result is something rebellious, beautiful and provocative.”


Kaaterskill Creek

Times Square


The series features both city and landscapes that show a 360 degree view. Particularly fascinating, in this writer’s opinion, are the cityscapes in which buildings are warped and almost overpowering, reflecting the experience of existence in a large metropolitan setting. Because the images must be stitched together in post-production, Slavin is usually unable to predict the outcome of a panoramic image until he is able to digitally assemble it.

More of Slavin’s work and prints of his images are available on his website.

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