Amazing Slow Motion Video Of Subway Passengers

Amazing Slow Motion Video Of Subway Passengers

Adam Magyar is a conceptual photographer who is best known for his breathtaking series Urban Flow. In his newest project, Stainless, Adam has stitched together multiple high speed photographs of passing subway trains capturing awesome detail of urban commuters. The above video is a brilliant and clever marketing piece for the Stainless series (which can be seen here). I'm not sure what camera he used to turn 12 seconds into 8 minutes of HD footage but the results are memorizing.

Here are a few excerpt images from Adam's website. Be sure to check out the full composite images where you can zoom in and see all the detail. It's pretty amazing the quality he has been able to capture with such a low lit subject that is moving incredibly fast.

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This is amazing.

Interesting photos, but the video has been done before and with a lot more creativity

This isn't even remotely close to the quality of the originally posted piece.

I care to disagree. This piece involved at least 20+ people, DP and a huge camera setup with actors and costumes. 

The guy in original peice just recorded the train passing. So I think you are retarded.

 Gasp!  I've been called retarded on the Internet whatever shall I do...

The quality loss (if it had ever been there) appears to be due to massive interpolation from using some Twixtor-like software.  It made the piece wholly unwatchable.

So it wouldn't have mattered if the concept, writing, cinematography and directing had all been Oscar worthy, as my immediate reaction was to retch.

Obviously the quality doesn't match because Titanic was in theaters then... but... I do love the concept of this film and how it was planned out.

I am not crazy about this newer one by Adam Magyar other than the audio. I love how he didn't add a soundtrack... but played the original audio but slowed down. I think it really adds emotion to the film. 

I'd love to play around with this technique myself the next time I visit New York. Think I might be able to get away with using a 5dmk3? Would you use a tripod, or some sort of mount?

Correction, the Titanic poster was for an art bad. Can't explain the quality loss. Might just have been a poor export.

The video has been taken down :/

R1L3Y KAM1N3R's picture

part of it is on the front of his website now though-

is that strip lines on the background is created on camera? or on post?

Peter : mind changing the video link to his homepage ? the other one is down :
amazing work

Clever alternative to the slow-mo thing - but yeah done before. This one is a bit more arty though.

I'm convinced that Slow-mo makes everything look great :) Anybody want to lend me a Phantom camera ?

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Camera ?

The Subway shots were done with his custom built scanner camera. Some shots where the background is blurred, he is on a subway or moving platform, the other shots where the subway has clear people, they are moving past him while they are on the car and he is outside looking at them with the camera.

Um. Removed because of a copyright Adam Magyar?