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Before and After Special Effects from Various Notable Scenes

Before and After Special Effects from Various Notable Scenes

Special effects are crazy and if they're overused, can be off-putting (I'm looking at your Star Wars Episodes 1-3). But used right, and special effects can make a scene and drastically reduce set budgets. Check out these before and after shots of rather notable sets that we stumbled upon, including a pair from everyone's favorite zombie show, The Walking Dead.

boat 1

boat 2

car 1

car 2

dead 1

dead 2

Genos 1

Genos 2

Hele 1

hele 2

Soccer 1

Soccer 2

walker 1

walker 2

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Tam Nguyen's picture

Mind = blown.

Zach Sutton's picture

Everything I've ever seen is a lie.

Tobias Solem's picture

It's all shared imaginations. Someone imagined this and shared it with you. We are blessed!

Isilzha's picture

Watch a TV series that was filmed in your home town and you'll never again even remotely believe that ANYTHING is what it says it is!

Alain's picture

Whenever I see a scene in which the actors don't wear green (like almost ANYscene), I smell a lie. 
But that's OK. I like to be lied to if it's for art.

Aaron Pozzer's picture

 do you see alota people wearing green in real life?  its not a very popular wardrobe color.  its not very popular/prominent in anything realy, except vegetation.  thats why its a popular keying color.

JOHNHJH's picture

it has nothing to do with that.. it´s about skin tone.

Erik Alexander Nordeng's picture

Not about that either, chroma subsampling removes too much information in the blue and red, because our eyes are more sensetive to green, and since green is the color with the most colorinformation in it after subsampling, it's perfect for keying.

Casey Hales's picture

Actually, green is magic.

Green is just used for Chrome Keying because it is the least common color to wear. Many Chroma key backdrop canvases are green on one side and blue on the other so you can flip them around for scenes that need green.

Aaron Pozzer's picture

 actually its because there is very little green in skin, so when you pull a green key there is less chance of the key getting confused and removing part of someones face.  it also just happens to be an uncommon clothing color. 

Jens Marklund's picture

Yes, from what I've heard, it's because green and blue are as far away you can go from skin tones. They didn't say "Hmm, what color is the ugliest? People will not want to wear that, so let's use it as key".

In addition to being 180 degrees out of phase with red There are actually more important reasons. Most of the luminance information is in the green channel. Since it hold most of the luminace in a video signal it is sampled at twice the rate of the Blue and Red in most professional formats. Green is uaually used in digital. In film most of the Keys ar pulled from a blue back ground since the blue layer of the emulsion holds most of the detail / resolution information 

JOHNHJH's picture

actually we are doing as much blues screen as green screens today.

George Socka's picture

except when shooting 4,4,4

Frank Clark's picture

That's hilarious.

wayne antony's picture

never thought of it

Von Wong's picture

this makes me sad :(

tawfeek barhum's picture

 you should be happy!

Stinky Eggo's picture

yeah it make me sad too....  there's no happy place :o(    its all fake!!!!  

Erik Tande's picture

These are visual effects, not special effects ;)

JOHNHJH's picture

so tell what is the difference weisenheimer....?

Mr Blah's picture

One is visual.

the other one is special.....

You're welcome. ;)

Erik Tande's picture

Special effects are effects that are created and actually filmed, like pyrotechnics, zombie makeup, squibs, etc.   Visual effects are manipulations created in post production, like matte paintings, green screen work, etc.    All of the examples shown here are visual effects, not special effects :)

-Erik Tande - VFX Artist

benestrada's picture

I dont know what to believe in anymore

Scanning's picture

Believe in nothing, life itself is an illusion.

D'Heirus Lollis's picture

The ugly betty scene blew my mind.

Take a look at this reel from 2009 and you will get a sense of how much compsositing actually went on in Ugly Betty ... and other shows ...

Philippe Dame's picture

That's totally nuts

George Socka's picture

you mean we never really landed on the moon?

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