Before and After Special Effects from Various Notable Scenes

Before and After Special Effects from Various Notable Scenes

Special effects are crazy and if they're overused, can be off-putting (I'm looking at your Star Wars Episodes 1-3). But used right, and special effects can make a scene and drastically reduce set budgets. Check out these before and after shots of rather notable sets that we stumbled upon, including a pair from everyone's favorite zombie show, The Walking Dead.

boat 1

boat 2

car 1

car 2

dead 1

dead 2

Genos 1

Genos 2

Hele 1

hele 2

Soccer 1

Soccer 2

walker 1

walker 2

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some pics from the real scenes were missing.

Wow.. Fantastic Work.

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The reason green is used is many fold. It is used partially because it occours in skin less than most colors. It used to be a referance channel for TV camaras when you had to insure compatability with B/W cameras. Blue screen was used in film for much the same reason but being a photochemical process, Blue was more easily used as most printing & high contrast films were orthochromatic, as were some of the first films.


Geno's sucks. Pat's sucks.

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Agreed. Jim's is the best of the tourist-y places. Also screw Geno, he is a bigoted jerk. "If you don't speak English, you won't be served." As if his family spoke English when they came from Italy.

My life is a lie

You just never know what you are really watching. Interesting pictures.
Paul Lester


Everything that falls
into our eyes is all lie..