Angelo Musco's Surreal Bodyscapes

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To describe Angelo Musco’s conceptual vision as deep would not even begin to scratch the surface to the magnitude of his surreal bodyscapes.

To create his work, hundreds of nude bodies have been photographed and arranged to create his insanely dense bodyscapes. Upon looking further into each photograph, details emerge and reveal how meticulous each human form has been carefully put together to become one object. 

Most artists have a powerful propelling agent that keeps pushing them forward within their work, Angelo Musco's started at birth. He was born into this world after an 11 month pregnancy which lead to the developed of Erb's palsy which damages nerves in half of the body. This temporary paralyzed Musco as a child and has left an impression on him in his creations.

Musco is diligent about placing and shaping the nude figures into constructed masses which become symbolic representations of eggs, nests, amniotic fluid and other organic elements. The sheer amount of work that goes into each piece is staggering. "Xylem" took Musco and two assistants 2 years to complete from shooting the models to piecing them in post.

Musco's work will be featured in a documentary about the artist and his work which is slated to release in the Fall of 2013 through Bainchild Films. You can find more of Angelo's work on his website.


Via TIME Lightbox and Visual News.


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Deney Tuazon's picture

Saw his work two years ago at PULSE Contemporary Art Fair and but didn't know the artist's name. Great work!

Aaron Lindberg's picture

The prints looks to take up the entire wall, I hope to get a chance to see them in person.

edd's picture

Epic concepts and masterful execution.

Aaron Lindberg's picture

I would really like to see them up close to see the details of the execution.

Donald B Miller's picture

I can't even imagine developing and holding in my mind such complex photographic concepts as these!

Russell S. Mendenhall's picture

I wish I could see this in person at wall size.

Erik Johansson's picture

Amazing concept and execution, I wonder how big the files are?

Aaron Lindberg's picture

I dont know but if they contain thousands of individual pieces it must be massive. The file management must be insane.

Edward Mitchell's picture

Even a better idea - join him if you are in NY. Being a part of it, I can tell you that participating in these photoshoots is a fantastic experience. And a very comfortable one from the very first moment. You can sign up on his website.