Artist Creates Heavily-Tattooed Representations of Iconic Personalities

Artist Creates Heavily-Tattooed Representations of Iconic Personalities

Seattle-based multimedia artist Cheyenne Randall is the creator of a Tumblr account that has recently attracted a lot of attention: “Shopped Tattoos”. Taking famous images, Randall photoshops detailed tattoo work onto the subjects, creating “a bundle of iconic personalities from a parallel universe.” Randall’s work features iconic figures both past and current like Iggy Pop, Twiggy, and Bryan Cranston as Walter White. Each subject is sporting multiple intricate tattoos, blended rather seamlessly into the photographs.

Via Lost at E Minor

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Exploiting famous and prestigious persons by "adorning" them with PS tattoos is really low and cheap. There are thousands of regular folks out there featuring awesome tattoos that are worth being depicted.
But hey ... apparently a pimped John Lennon prompts more attention than a real guy with real tattoos. I'm slightly disgusted.

I think the point is to show how our perception of these famous pictures change with the inclusion of tattoos not to show off quality tattoos.

Mark Pearson's picture

"Heavily-Tattooed" is an understatement.


Spy Black's picture

If you want to stand out from the crowd today as a young person, don't ever get a single tattoo. You'll be the true original today...

Rick Starr's picture

Ugh. I'll grant that a tattoo can be a statement (by and individial upon and about themselves) and while I don't like them, I consciously don't judge those who get them. But I see no practical difference between this and the anonymous scribbling of mustachios on famous works of art. How is defacing the images of others anything but vandalism?

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I agree with Mr. Starr ad Mr. Black’s comments… I don’t feel
the need to do what everyone else is doing to express my individuality! I don’t
understand but I sure do not condemn tattoos…

The bigger concern though is most of the photographs used
are still subject to copyright protection… the graffiti covering them probably
does not fall under fair use…. I would be pretty upset if these were my images
being vandalized… This blog would be
screaming foul if a big corporation appropriated these images but looks the
other way when an artist does the same.

If the artist has permission from the photographers to
modify their work I apologize…

So, is it "Art" when you use other people's work? I'm not certain these images NEEDED to be made. Like others have said, I don't think I would be happy if one of my photos had been used in such a way.