Hilarious Portrait Series Features Babies Dressed as Elderly People

Hilarious Portrait Series Features Babies Dressed as Elderly People

The ultimate wish to look young forever sneaks into all of our minds at one point or another. This hysterical portrait series by California-based photographer Zachary Scott illustrates how seamlessly this concept can be portrayed in a fun way. From a "Geriatric Gerber Baby" to an "Old Baby Farmer" the portraits are just flawless in execution and they set a great example of how to create the perfect story portrait.

The series was inspired by an in-depth article also published by The New York Times highlighting work by Harvard physiologist Ellen Langer. The write-up goes into great detail about the effects that a youthful mindset can have on warding off the aging process. Zach was hired to create these images in the hopes of illustrating Langer's research in a fun and vibrant way, and in my opinion, he executed them flawlessly. 

Ultimately, the series is a testament to the seriousness of play, illuminating the vitality and whimsy that lies within us all, should we choose to tap into it.

The photos below are by far one of the best series that combine "new and old" - check out all the humorous photos from the final image set!

To see more of Zach's incredible work be sure to visit his website here.

All images used with permission from the artist.

[via New York Times]

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nice one!

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They are bloody fantastic!

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These are so fun! And I agree, very well executed. Thanks for sharing.

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Fantastic composite work and very creative theme!

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These kids are looking too cute and hats off to photography.