Ingenious Father Uses Son to Create Digital Masterpieces

Ingenious Father Uses Son to Create Digital Masterpieces

Have you ever been lost in a daydream? Photographer Adrian Sommeling will let you stay in his. He creates mind-blowing composites that let you imagine a whole story at once, giving the viewer an ability to internalize and translate with their own meaning, in a surreal world.What is felt in Adrian's artwork is his thorough attention to detail and execution: Adrian has a vision and doesn't settle for anything less than his goals. It is hard to find someone who is both this creative and motivated, while also having the skill to produce such powerful results. Take note of the expressions he captures as well as his post production. 

This photographer is a father inspired by his son and the childhood he remembers, he utilizes light and sets up backgrounds to make intricate and detailed scenes, and then photoshops them to perfection. Just like you would get lost in a movie, let yourself soak up every inch of these fine pieces of work. His exceptional work had to be shared:

(Images are clickable - use arrow keys to navigate. Behind the scenes can be found on Adrians YouTube Channel)

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Justin Haugen's picture

Great concepts and execution, but I thought Dave Hill did these...

David Vaughn's picture

Dave Hill's composites lean more toward commercial projects. Sommerling does more personal work that brings a surreal element to the everyday. Actually, I'm surprised Sommerling is just now being featured here on Fstoppers.

Like David said

Dan Ostergren's picture

I looked up Dave Hill's work too just now. Great stuff as well!

albert radford's picture

YA his work is great as well

Jaydie Lee's picture

Don't know what to say.... Just Wow

albert radford's picture

Ya his stuff is just wow

Doug Birling's picture

Really great work! Most have a magical feel to them, even in the parts that could be just a normal picture. Many have a nearly painterly feel. Love them!

Spy Black's picture

Awesome stuff.

albert radford's picture

Positive comment from Spy black, rare haha

Anonymous's picture

Just WOW

John de la Bastide's picture

Great Work! Well Done !

albert radford's picture

Loved this article, shared.

Jessi Raymond's picture

Thanks for sharing.

Jessi Raymond's picture

Very similar to Dave hill.

Do you have a link to his work?

Jessi Raymond's picture

Are there any tutorials on how to get these results.

John Wilhelm has some videos, check it out.

Donald Raider's picture

Awesome stuff

Donald Raider's picture

Great choice of title, this is definitely called digital art and not photography.

Whatever this is called it's awesome