New Series Entitled "The Sketch of a Life" Blends Digital Art With Photography

French artist and photographer Sébastien Del Grosso combines his talents to create a literal photo illustration series of self-portraits titled “L’esquisse d’une vie” (The Sketch of a Life). Using photo manipulation, ​Sébastien takes his skills and creates an exceptional series of uniqueness and creativity.

What is interesting in this series, besides the creative blend of photography and illustration, is that he uses his art to depict different stages of his life. Here is a glimpse of his ongoing series...

Now lets take a look at this 1980's music video like series. Below is a step by step guide to his workflow:

  1. Pre-planned Selfie
  2. Dodge & Burn
  3. Gradient Background
  4. A traced sketch of the Selfie on a separate layer.
  5. Blend the 'Sketch' and 'Photo' layers with the help of a layer mask, creatively, in the form of brush strokes.


You can see more of Sébastien's amazing work on his Flickr page.

[via Mashable]

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Jeffrey Castillo's picture

Awesome series! Ive actually did something very similar. Check it out. :)

Sid Vasandani's picture

Nice background Jeffery, I liked the painterly brush strokes. Is it in Photoshop or something like Corel Painter?

Jeffrey Castillo's picture

Its in Photoshop. Mostly using the wet brush.

Kyle Blunt's picture

Very cool work!

Eduardo Cavasotti's picture

i really like the end result.. very creative..