[Pics] The Dark Lens: Star Wars Meets Real Life

Photographer Cédric Delsaux took photos in dreary locations for the purpose of using them as backdrops for his Star Wars inspired series. What commenced was an epic series of ultra-realistic images that is an ode to Star Wars, set to a modern day theme. He has also a book out that you can purchase with all of the images. 

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From Pratik Naik:

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the characters fit in so well with the images.... its just great..

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great stuff!

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wonderful! It looks like it was real! Excellent montaje!

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I'm a sucker for anything Star Wars soooo THIS IS AWESOME!

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Thanks for the link back!

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Brilliant!  :)

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Total fail on the first picture.. No reflections.. otherwise awesome

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Better Star Wars than George Lucas has put out since the first film!

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How awesome are these?  Sweeeeet!!!

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No copyright issues? He is selling books inclusive of other peoples original ideas.

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Georges Lucas actually bought loads of big size prints to Cedric Delsaux being his first collectionner for the record

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I was excited that these were new ones...but aren't these like 5 years old?

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Big Star Wars fan! Love the tones as they set the mood. Can anyone point me to a resource on how to achieve those tones?

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This is the third post in a week that is photos of things where they aren't supposed to be and are photoshopped in. Not that they aren't cool... I'm just observing a trend.