Surreal Skies: Single Image Time Lapse Photography

Surreal Skies: Single Image Time Lapse Photography

Everyone has seen time-lapse photography may it be a still image or a video. Either way, they look pretty sweet. This is the first time I have seen something like this. Instead of just having a single image of a star trails or blurred clouds, Matt Molloy has combined multiple long exposure shots into one creating a very interesting look.

Make sure to check out his 500px page for more!

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i love it. :) REALLY nice stuff :-)

yeah - somebody doing something new and exciting - it's what we all strive for, to find our 'thing we do'. I'm green with envy.

Great idea. Congratulations. I tip my hat to Matt (and envy him a little, too). Really nice pics!

So Fresh. Totally new. Love these ... i see a fad in Glitch-tography and a crossover of creativity.