Volkswagen Evolution of Style in One Clip

It's always fun to see time progression of how things change. Staud Studio, which does a lot of work photographing the Automotive industry, had the chance to do a photo shoot with an older model of  the beetle and progressed to show us one of the latest.

They do a fantastic, short, thorough job of showing you how they set up the shot to the steps of post done in Photoshop. I also want to point out how the shot is planned with the final landscape background in mind.




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Sorry hate to say this but the cars shown above are Volkswagen Beetles and not from BMW

That's not a bmw...

Not to mention that there is no video, just images without any of the mentioned bts...

And it's Staud Studios, not Straud.

What even is this post?


 Well put

For the real deal.

F*cking americans! Whot you understand in the europian cars? ))))))

There are no mistakes that there is lack of attention or info!

Wow. Amazing post!

I love this site!!! 

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This would cause outrage in a BMW vs Audi forum

editor fail

this photographer is really good!!! he made a BMW look like a beetle!!! LOL

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Agreed, this post is terrible.  Egg, meet face.

?  Really.  

Dear Mr. Strauss,
I want some of what you had.

???????? Just checking to see whos paying attention? Farfignewton

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Well in the editors defense, Beetle and BMW do both start with the letter B ....

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sorry all, that was a huge writer fail on my part... posted that way to tired. I appreciate the point outs.