Announcing Nino Batista's Capture One Pro EIP Challenge Winner

Announcing Nino Batista's Capture One Pro EIP Challenge Winner

Short version of the story: I love issuing challenges to the awesome readers of Fstoppers, but I also have this wild schedule of mine that changes at a moment's notice this year. So, without wasting more of your time, I'll just say "my bad" and get right to the Capture One Pro EIP Challenge winner.

Back in September, I dropped what I considered to be a unique contest, asking you amazing folks to have a go at a raw file of mine using only Capture One Pro. To raise the stakes (and ensure no cheating!) the rules declared you had to remit an EIP file as your entry. And boy did you guys send me EIP files!

The good news is, we now have a winner. That's right, the winner of the Joey Wright Swimwear Photography Tutorial from Fstoppers is in fact Brett Blignaut. Congratulations, Brett! By now, I've contacted Mr. Blignaut on how to receive his prize, and I want to extend my thanks (and apologies) for partaking in this challenge. Check out Brett's final edit below.

More challenges coming up in 2017; for now it's back on the road. 

Photo by Nino Batista, edited in Capture One Pro by Brett Blignaut.

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Brett Blignaut's picture


Randy Smith's picture

Thats a harsh looking edit. IMO it looks like an instagram filter. But hey, to each their own style. Congrats on the win.

Holy gods of orange!

Brett Blignaut's picture

Haha, feel the loooove.
It is a bit orange. I do remember going back and killing the orange a bit. Maybe I didn't upload the new EIP.
Still stoked though.

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C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S .

Congratulations to Brett. FS- will you be posting some of the other submissions/edits to the contest as was done in the "retouch challenge #2"? would like to see others visions/interpretations as well.

Michael Padilla's picture

I thought this was a retouch challenge, not a looks challenge? I still see skin flaws and a lack of sharpening brushes etc...