Check Out These Top-Notch Images from Fstoppers Readers

Check Out These Top-Notch Images from Fstoppers Readers

Every week we bring you contests hosted on Viewbug, and once a month we specifically sponsor one contest to help bring talented and perhaps unknown artists forward. We already featured one oustanding artist for his stellar image in Yosemite, and we are close to picking the next one. Check out our favorites from the current contest and help us decide who deserves a feature. 

 You can cast your vote for your favorite image of all the finalists, but we along the Viewbug Team were particularly impressed with these (my personal favorite is this first one):

Image by thibaultbarron:

Image by stuarthingston:

Image by: alysonbrimecombe

Help us pick a winner by checking out all the finalists and the telling us which one you like the best in the comments below. We can't wait to feature the winner next month on Fstoppers!

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Alex Cooke's picture

I checked out all the finalists, but how do we actually help pick the winner?

Jaron Schneider's picture

Tell me your favorite image here in the comments :)

Alex Cooke's picture

Thanks for the help! :) I think "Arriving in Spring" is spectacular; it almost looks like an infrared photo. "Snow Horse" is my other favorite!

Ahmet Ergun Doğan's picture

last image looks great i think. My vote to alysonbrimecombe

Matthew Taggart's picture

I can't believe I'm voting for a picture of a cat, but that Cousin's Farm by stuarthingston picture is awesome!

Joey Wright's picture

Cousin's Farm

stuarthingston the cat sealed it for me :)

Bob Bell's picture

All great but Stuarthingston ftw. Cracking shot! :)

For me its the red breasted nut hatch, great capture and skill.

sophia hodgson's picture

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Eric Dejuan's picture

Im definitely will have to go with #2 alysonbrimecombe