[Contest] Last Day To Win a Nikon D800 or Canon 5D Markiii

We love our Facebook fans and we will be giving one lucky follower their choice of a Nikon D800 or a Canon 5D Mark III. To keep track of everyone who is entering you must sign up below. We are asking for your email simply to notify you in case you win. Doing this alone will get you 1 entry in the contest. 

Once you click "enter" below you will be able to then "share" this contest (if you wish) on your Facebook wall. Each one of your friends that signs up through your link (posted to your facebook wall) will give you another entry in the contest, raising your chances of winning. On May 1st we will choose one random winner. If you like free gear you may also want to check out our Twitter contest that is also ending on May 1st.

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Hi Nursultan: Can you try entering directly from the FB page?  https://www.facebook.com/thefstoppers/app_143103275748075?__adt=2&__...


Nursultan Tulyakbay's picture

That worked, thanks.

nothing happens after i hit enter.  No link, no confirmation, nothing.

I'm not fond of apps so I bought my own Canon 5D Mk. III. It is a terrific camera for shooting dimly lit concerts. I used to throw 8 of 10 pictues away. Now it is the opposite because of the fantastic AF and low noise ISO. I highly recommend this camera. 


Okay so let me get this straight, I invite friends, they sign up, I get credits? How does this process work?

Once you like both pages and enter your email you hit the "enter" button and on the next page it will ask you if you want to "Share" this on your wall. If you do, anyone that signs up from your link will get your 3 more entries in the contest. You can come back to this page at anytime and as long as you are logged into your facebook you should be able to see how many people signed up through your link and how many entries you have. I shared it on my wall and I have 148 entries so far but don't worry, I can't win this thing. 

I am sharring the living crap outta this, a new d800 would make an amazing B-Day gift.. Since my B-day is May 1st just saying !!! " :-)

I <3 Fstoppers. 

Very exciting competition.

Leonardo Baldenegro's picture

I have a question, why in this place never talk about Sony Cameras? Is a bad brand or bad tech for photo?

I'd love to give Sony a try. I just don't know a single person that has one so I've actually never held one in person. 

Bryan Killay's picture

They are ok, a little heavier and a little slower but quality is decent.

oh, yah!!!  (rubbing palms together) i'm liking this sweepstakes!!

NIkon D800 come to me !!!!!

It's not that i am complaining but i am getting 3 tickets from the same friend.. so now i have 10 (1+ 3+3+3) tickets..  Just wanna be fair that's all =)

RUSS's picture

D800 would be nice. But i aint going to go sniffing around my friends for their help.

Great give away! Thanks Fstoppers, all extremities are crossed for good luck!

Karl Filip Karlsson's picture

this begin to be very irritated! :)  i link but i dont get the "sweettakes ap" when i share on facebook. what do i do wrong? :)

And i have accepted the ap! =)

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
I might have to spend the rent check on a new 5DMarkIII,
that is unless I win mine from Fstoppers and get it for FREE!!!!!

Jens Marklund's picture

Uhm, Question:

If my friend joins the link, does he/she enter the contest as well? That doesn't up my chances ;)

I believe your thinking here is correct. Although each individual friend may have only one entry and yours grow by each, their total number of entries still mathematically offset your odds. ;)

Tom Barrett's picture

oh no! i've sent like 50 people thru my link and it still says i have one entry. what's going on?!?!! all that hard work :(

Karl Filip Karlsson's picture

do you have the "sweettakes ap" logo when you have sent link? 

Can't enter. Error, Error, Error. 

Anybody awake on this site? The entry system is broken.... lol

Can you try the direct link?  Thanks!  
http://woobox.com/vwzq2h  If this doesn't work, can you let us know which error you are seeing? 

It worked fine for me. I hope I win the 5dmk3

I don't have money to buy those wonderful machine, so let try the give-away. Thank you for this one.

its not working for me, I keep getting oops something went wrong...

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