[Contest] Last Day To Win a Nikon D800 or Canon 5D Markiii

We love our Facebook fans and we will be giving one lucky follower their choice of a Nikon D800 or a Canon 5D Mark III. To keep track of everyone who is entering you must sign up below. We are asking for your email simply to notify you in case you win. Doing this alone will get you 1 entry in the contest. 

Once you click "enter" below you will be able to then "share" this contest (if you wish) on your Facebook wall. Each one of your friends that signs up through your link (posted to your facebook wall) will give you another entry in the contest, raising your chances of winning. On May 1st we will choose one random winner. If you like free gear you may also want to check out our Twitter contest that is also ending on May 1st.

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Can you try the direct link?  Thanks!  
http://woobox.com/vwzq2h  If this doesn't work, can you let us know which error you are seeing?  

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This would be wonderful.

So, Im getting all these entry tickets, does it automatically re-enter me every time a friend posts the link on facebook?

It only counts the entry from your shares .. looks like you're getting a lotta love from somewhere .. Maybe others are sharing your link.

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It may be possible to help me decide between buying a sony alpha 77 and a canon7D, I have always managed minolta system and now I have a camera staff as an alpha700, but I want to change, either by purchasing the alpha 77 or the 7D, think making a comparison could help to make a better desicion to buy? Lee,Thanks for ur answer.

I will be happy to win either.

Sad panda. Boyfriend clicked on my link I shared on my wall, liked both, entered email, shared on his wall... I still have 1 entry. :(

Response to your latest contest
Really thanks for conduction the compotation..

Hi this is ROHIT from India. I'm a great fan and subscriber of SLR Lounge and Fstoppers. i'm not a pro in photography but still longing to learn photography through your websites online and through your YOUTUBE channels. i'm an multimedia student doing 2nd year Degree. i suppose to have an DSLR for my education but my family is not affordable to buy one for me. I'm really longing to touch a professional DSLR like Canon and Nikon in my life. I'm not ether affordable to go for Pro Courses where my friends go. so learn everything online and now i gained a lot of knowledge in photography but longing for a DSLR to use.  

I saw your new contest posts and really got exited to see two brandnew cameras as winning prize. i followed the procedure and did the same. hope i could win this contest. looking for this best result.

Hope i will get my dream camera and come up like you guys in future.

Thanks you

Regards ,

Rohit Ramesh,

I currently use the Canon EOS 50D and have been drooling over the Mark series for a number of years. Excellent contest Fstoppers!

I would like to win Canon 5D . I like your contest Fstoppers!

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Another awesome contest from the guys at FStoppers.com.  Keep em coming!

You guys are awesome. Amazing contest, thanks a lot! :) Canon 5D Mark III <3

Great Contest! Sent invite to all my photog friends!

Thanks guys! fingers crossed! 

How many entries do you guys have so far?

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So, I have entered the giveaway but I cannot help but wonder if my country is even going to be considered!! what happens if I win but I'm outside the U.S.??

hey guys is this contest avaiLabLe everywhere?? im in rome, itaLy to be exact

  yes.. open internationally


I really want Canon 5D mark III !!!

I wanna be a professional photographer , but I don't have a gear .

Please, give me Canon 5D mark III,  I'm a great fan and subscriber of SLR Lounge and Fstoppers.

I promise I will learn about photography seriously and be professional photographer , if u give me away that CANON !!!

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Hey guys, first of all, thanks for this great chance to win a 5D Mark III ;)

I have a problem with the Share Link. Three of my Friends entered the Giveaway with my Share Link, but i havn't get the extra entry Points. Is this a Problem that is known? Or am i doing something wrong?


Is this open to all or just for the US residents? I live in Switzerland... Fingers and toes crossed for the D800!

the competition is open internationally


I want to ask about cameragiveaway contest. This contest is open to anyone in the worldwide?
I hope I can get a valid answer.

  yes.. open internationally

5d Mark iii would be amazing!

What a great contest. I would absolutely love to win a Canon Mark III. I have been day dreaming about this camera since it's announcement. FStoppers rocks and thanks!

Entered!  :)  Hoping my sister wins this though - she had her cameras stolen a week ago (she is a photographer) and could really use this!! :)  Great contest!

I would do ANYTHING to win the D800.......I mean ANYTHING!!! No Homo tho lol

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