[Contest] Last Day To Win a Nikon D800 or Canon 5D Markiii

We love our Facebook fans and we will be giving one lucky follower their choice of a Nikon D800 or a Canon 5D Mark III. To keep track of everyone who is entering you must sign up below. We are asking for your email simply to notify you in case you win. Doing this alone will get you 1 entry in the contest. 

Once you click "enter" below you will be able to then "share" this contest (if you wish) on your Facebook wall. Each one of your friends that signs up through your link (posted to your facebook wall) will give you another entry in the contest, raising your chances of winning. On May 1st we will choose one random winner. If you like free gear you may also want to check out our Twitter contest that is also ending on May 1st.

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nikon all the way!!!!

I'm go for either :P All canon so far, but I'd be ready to go to the light... or is it the dark side... depends on who you're talking to I guess :P

Is 10 entries the most you can have? Many of my friends have entered but they don´t show up.. (yeah, they followed my link)

there is no cap on the number of entries.. are you sure they're all using your link?

is my dream to have a DSLR and since i can't afford one, i'm hoping i will get lucky.Thank you so much for this contest!! 

Nikon D800 come to Chile please ... :)

Andy Strachwsky better win this contest, because he is way overdue on getting me my d800!

Today was a sad day for my wallet: $13000+ in taxes paid to the Canadian Government. I could really use a nice d800 to cheer me up!

i registered got my mom to register got my brother to register got some neighbours to register got a lot of friends to register... i need this camera!!! 

The south of the planet is waiting for you  ...

I´m gonna die, 
I´m gonna die, 
I´m gonna die, .. ahh Today is the day m/
After i got the contest prize I will shave Fstoppers logo on my chest (?) yeah sadly I have enough hair on my chest for that :P hahaha

Fstoppers Rules :)

*crossing fingers*

Little MarkIII, please come to France ^^

Rodrigo Paredes's picture

when are you going to announce the winner?

Who won?!!? I'm anxious! haha 

i took some pictures today with my d90,now i see green spots,thats end of my camera,this d800 its my only chance to stand in slr team,i dont have any resources for new camera,wish me luck....

Tam Nguyen's picture

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu when are you guys gonna announce?

This is nerve racking :(

It is not going to be May 1st for much longer when are you choosing a winner?

OK, so now is it not only May 2nd where I am, but it's May 2nd on the east coast of the USA too. Did I miss something here? Anyone?

JimmySchaefer's picture

I'm pretty sure the contest is bunked, I also a while ago could not enter in my email address just get error too... good luck to those who could get passes the error codes 

William Myers's picture


I Love Cannon's

RUSS's picture

I love cameras... and lenses... oh and media cards that fit the cameras...and models... and computers to edit on...and free stuff..not exactly in that order.... 

Who was the drawing's winner?

lol point and shoot cannon haha that was funny.

so when do i get my 5D MK3?

how do i sign up???

I know i won't win, not that much lucky to win this kind of dslr.

Thats great.....