Pick the Best Awesomized Entry- Your Choice Wins a Lytro

Pick the Best Awesomized Entry- Your Choice Wins a Lytro

Over the past two weeks we have been getting piles of entries from Fstoppers readers who wanted to nab a Lytro for their camera collection. We've narrowed the entries down to the top ten, and now it's up to you all to choose the winner. Poll is open until Thursday at noon PDT. So who wins your vote?

The rules were simple: take a photo of a person, edit it in Camera Awesome, then upload it to Twitter. Take a look at the top ten photos below, then cast your vote in the poll at the bottom.







WINNER: @Rheaq! Congratulations!

1) @Studio79


2) @RheaQ


3) @nadaphotography


4) @LKotwal


5) @kunaldswani


6) @kendrapaulienne


7) @InSp3cT


8) @craigstewy


9) @txramirez


10) @LineFlagstad

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Albin's picture

My criteria were a) who'd seem to get most from the DOF fun of Lytro, and b) what images did I like best.  Vote was between 4 and 9 and I picked 4 on b).  Frankly can't imagine what most of these photographers would do with a Lytro.

Benicio Murray's picture

wow, these are terrible

Pretty soon, Fstoppers will become slang, meaning someone who doesn't understand how to use any kind of camera well if we keep up these posts.

? really...  

Vincent Augostini's picture

mine was better IMO. it was an award for helping make-a-wish foundation. i used app and edited. not just shot photo and posted. @ratedvma:twitter

 Well, they only have so many people to pick from.  Fstoppers has really been lacking the quality every post used to have, unfortunately.

Vincent Augostini's picture

it dont look like any of them rally used any of the effects. the just snapped photo and posted.