Win 3 Fstoppers Flash Disc Light Modifiers or a $300 Photography Tutorial

Win 3 Fstoppers Flash Disc Light Modifiers or a $300 Photography Tutorial

Only 3 Days Left! From now until June 1st we are running 5 photography contests and choosing 5 separate winners. Simply submit your best portrait, wedding, glamour, fashion, or landscape photograph to win your choice of any Fstoppers tutorial in the Fstoppers store or 3 Fstoppers FlashDiscs. For more details, read all the contest
rules below:






How To Enter:

Anyone who is a member of the Fstoppers Community can enter into this contest.  Simply submit your best image(s) into the corresponding Fstoppers Groups between May 5th and May 31st and the Fstoppers Staff will pick one lucky winner per category on June 1st.  Each winner will win either 3 Flash Disc light modifiers OR their choice of any Fstoppers produced tutorial in the Fstoppers Store.  Photographers can submit as many photos as they want in as many different genres as they want.  If you aren't a member of the community yet, you can sign up for free here.  

Genres to Enter (one winner each):

Portraits:  Dani Diamond's Portrait Group has been a huge success, and in this contest you must submit your very best "portrait" photograph.  It doesn't matter if you shoot studio headshots, full body natural light images, families, editorial work, or environmental spreads, anything is fair game in this category as long as it is an interesting portrait of someone. You can view all the portrait contest entries here.  

Wedding: Having started off as a wedding photographer myself, the Fstoppers Wedding Group is probably where I spend the most time giving advice.  If you want to enter this contest you need to showcase your best wedding related image.  The winning image could be a candid from the reception, a formal portrait of the wedding party, a stylized portrait of the bride and groom, detail shots from the wedding, or anything within the wedding genre.  Unlike some of the other categories, this wedding contest will probably have the most diversity so do not limit yourself only to wedding portraits.  You can view all the wedding contest entries here.  

Fashion:  Everyone at some point or another takes photos that would be considered fashion photography.  Peter House's Fashion Group is the place to post your best fashion images.  Again, these images can be anything that falls into the fashion category from studio work to on location editorial work.  You can view all the fashion contest entries here.  

Landscape:  If you call yourself a photographer then chances are you have tried to capture a few beautiful landscapes at one time or another.  In the Landscape Group the rules are simple:  any photo of an outdoor location can be a winner.  As many of you know, Fstoppers has been working with landscape master Elia Locardi for a soon to be released tutorial, and we will even include that tutorial up for grabs to the winner of this contest.  You can view all the landscape contest entries here.  

Glamour:  From the looks of our Facebook group, it seems a lot of our readers love taking sexy photos of women.  Nino Batista's Glamour Group is one of the most popular discussion groups on Fstoppers and we will be picking one winner from this genre as well.  Glamour can sometimes be tough to define but if you want to submit your best boudior, swimwear, traditional glamour, nude, or erotic photo to this contest we will count them all towards glamour.  You can view all the glamour contest entries here.  


The Prizes:  On June 1st, everyone in the Fstoppers office will pick their favorite winning image from each of the 5 categories.  Collectively we will vote on a winner for each genre and announce the winning 5 images directly on

Each winner can choose between 3 Flash Disc Light Modifiers or their choice of an Fstoppers produced tutorial in the Fstoppers Store.  


We have enjoyed seeing the work of the Fstoppers Community and reading all the questions and discussions in the Fstoppers Groups.  In the near future we will be opening up the Groups to the general public so you can create and moderate your own specialized photography based communities.   




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Patrick Hall is a founder of and a photographer based out of Charleston, South Carolina.

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Thanks Patrick for providing this! I'm sure people will interact and be exposed to new artists, I know I have just from seeing many great fashion photography entries! I don't mean to be picky, but wondered why other groups like Travel or/and Headshots didn't get a shot at the contests?

What about a street photography category as well?

wish there was Interior/Architecture category.:(

I'd like an automotive group as well >.<

Is this contest available for us folks in Canada, too?

Who won the competition to edit Lee's images, I never saw the winners :)

Hi Patrick I think I may have posted images for the contest in the wrong section of each group. Instead of posting them to the the tread I posted in the the group. I posted in Glamour, Fashion, Portrait, and Landscape. I did I posted all the images to the group and not the thread. Does this disqualify me? If so... bummer.
Christopher J. Rodriguez

Have you selected the winners ?

Any update?

Ah sorry, we need to announce the winners. Just been slammed with weddings and travel this last week. It should be announced by the end of the week