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We have a new photography tutorial coming out soon and we want your help designing the cover image.

Next week we will be releasing our latest photography tutorial, but unlike every previous one, this tutorial is taught by 8 different instructors and covers 8 different photography genres. We need a featured image that is memorable but also reflects the complexity of this tutorial.

Download this file with assets including photographs from the tutorial, portraits of the instructors, a photo series Patrick took of a generic photographer, and the fonts we have used with our other products. Feel free to use anything in this file or create something completely unique. 

Remember that this cover image needs to look good full screen as well as a thumbnail. Feel free to check out our other tutorial cover images at

Contest Rules:

1. Submit an image that is 3840x2160 pixels in size. 

2. The image must have the title "The Well-Rounded Photographer" on it. 

3. Each photographer is allowed up to three entries. 

The highest-rated submission and the submission we choose to use with both win an early access copy of this tutorial. Stay tuned next week when we do a live critique of our designs vs the communities. 

  • Submission Deadline: Wed, 12 May 21 17:30:00 +0000

    New submissions are closed.

  • Voting is closed.

  • 97 people have cast a total of 2,126 votes on 85 submissions from 55 contestants.
  • Winners have not yet been announced.

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John Ricard's picture

Is every one of the instructors in this tutorial a White Male?

I think it's ok to create a lighting or business or posing (etc) tutorial featuring only White Males. But to imply that someone would be "well rounded" after focusing their studies on such a homogenous group of instructors is very tone deaf for 2021.

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

Oh, give me fuckin' break. "Well rounded" refers to photography skills not race.

Eric Robinson's picture

I think you need to stop and think about what message the course is projecting. Five photographers all white and all male! It makes you wonder about the very narrow outlook on photography the writers of this course have employed. If they are narrow in thinking about what they imagine makes a good photographer it really calls into question the worth of the course.

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

If you stop and think about it, it's a course in photography, not virtue signaling affirmative action bullshit. These are instructors they've worked with in the past.

Do you go to sites like this and get your panties in a bunch because they are not diverse enough?

Patrick Hall's picture

As I mentioned above, the main criteria are 1) leaders in the industry (which usually means super creative and also have large followings) and 2) make a very good living off photography alone and therefore are honest about the ins and outs of their specific genre.

I'm happy to connect with any photographer you think would be a good fit for us. We'd love to start working with even more diverse photographers who meet the above requirements once travel and the pandemic subside.

mark wakely's picture

You are very much generalizing and casting aspersions, which brings the focus back on you, whom it seems lives in a bubble and doesn't see the world full of photographers all with different backgrounds, upbringing, culture, no you see 8 white guys and that's the first thing you conclude?

mark wakely's picture

I don't care much for your politics, could you maybe give the SFW routine a break and stop telling us what is "tone deaf" and what in your option is correct, because I personally am sick and tired of this PC BULLSHIT!!

Eric Robinson's picture

Ditto man. I’m totally fed with up with people like yourself who lack the ability to see farther than the end of their reactionary noses.

Patrick Hall's picture

I'd love to have included more instructors and more diversity but honestly, last year made it really difficult to travel and film. The obvious two instructors we would have included were Andres Molin (male but Puerto Rican, not sure if that is "white") and Shavonne Wong but she lives in Singapore and that was impossible to facilitate.

Overall all, most of the people we work with are first and foremost 1) leaders in the industry, 2) successful seasoned photographers who make a lot of money with photography alone (and aren't selling you a bunch of BS) and 3) close friends of ours.

In today's social culture, we would love for our courses to appeal to as many people as possible and expand on all genres while promoting as much diversity as possible. However, we only have so many personal relationships and travel/scheduling has been insane the last 14 months.

All that being said, if there are any photographers you or other readers can recommend that meet the first 2 criteria above, I'm happy to befriend new talent and work with anyone. We aren't intentionally suppressing anyone's voice and want to share as much knowledge as possible.

John Ricard's picture

Just to be clear, my issue wasn't with the fact that the tutorial featured only White males. My issue was with the specific claim that the video would help create a "well rounded" photographer. I think a well rounded photographer should be taught by a more diverse group of instructors. I can understand why you chose the instructors: you know them personally and you can vouch for their photography skill, teaching ability, integrity, etc. And since you guys are White males, writing a blog that is consumed mostly by White males it is logical for you to select the instructors you chose. And again, I don't have a problem with any of that.

Historically, White males have often presented other White males as being the source of all the knowledge we need about a particular field. I'm old enough to have come up in the NYC school system when my literature course would consist of only books written by White Males and this was presented as pretty much all we need to know about literature. To the readers of this blog, I ask the following: Wouldn't it have struck you as odd if you had seen an instructional with the same title but featuring 8 Black women as the instructors?

So my suggestion would be if an instructional features only 1 race/gender, don't suggest it will help create well rounded photographer. Just say it helps create a "super skilled" photographer or "very capable" photographer.

Oh, and do something with Ruddy Roye one day. He's a truly amazing street photographer who was ignored by Leica for too long. Glad to see him getting regular assignments fro major publications these days. His combination of imagery and well written captioning is beautiful.

Fristen Lasten's picture

Did I miss something? What are the 8 genres?

Patrick Hall's picture

While we didn't cover every single genre (weddings for example are not in this), the main ones are studio headshots, environmental portraits / indoor headshots, architecture and real estate, natural light with swimwear being the focus, product photography specifically more complex hero shots, editorial and fashion, and commercial photography requiring work through an agency.

Fristen Lasten's picture

I'm missing one

1 studio headshots
2 environmental portraits / indoor headshots
3 architecture and real estate
4 natural light with swimwear being the focus
5 product photography specifically more complex hero shots
6 editorial and fashion
7 commercial photography requiring work through an agency

Patrick Hall's picture


Ken Lamb's picture

Just heard about this. Wow....maybe one or two might pass a 2 on the FStopper scale. Clearly Photographers are Not in marketing / advertising layout business for a reason. And that is Okay!! Some Cool layouts and such but, No. Focus needs be on 'The Photographer' not the 8 people teaching the course (mind you, if Lee taught the Entire course would you post 8 images of Lee?). I don't wanna spend money see 8 different talking heads. If I drop cash on this course, what is it gonna do for me? IMO I like Patrick's idea of a lone photographer, but, blend that with maybe a chevron series frames sowing style slices of the 8 topics--not the photographers. what is the end goal? Learn new stuff Not learn who these 8 people are. This probably gonna be an amazing course -- hire a designer!!

Naomi Reuvers's picture

Not sure if you will agree, but I am guessing that someone that is interested in this tutorial, is still at the beginning of his/her photography career and wants to explore all of the genres. They may not be familiar with all of the instructors and the portrait shots of them will not clarify what they can expect of this tutorial.

Guess it kind of depends on your target audience. If you want to appeal to your existing customers that are already familiar with the leading photographers in these genres than this is a good option.

If you would like to attract starting photographers I would focus more on the genres themselves. Some of the entries show a slice of each instructor. In this case I would replace them with a slice of a photo of the genre (while keeping the colors complementing).

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