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Your Best Product Shot Wins $1000
  • Submission Deadline: Sat, 06 Feb 21 01:45:00 +0000

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I'm currently away from all of my gear and I need a product photograph. I'll pay you $1000 to do it for me. 

My new product, Hat Mask Clips, is currently on Kickstarter and I need a shot of a floating mask attached to a hat. Here is a quick mockup I made in Photoshop. 

The hat you photograph can be any simple style baseball hat that is a solid color and without any logos. 

The mask is a bit more complicated because we don't have the exact design finalized yet and even if we did, you wouldn't have access to shoot it. You're going to have to take a standard black mask and tweak it to fit our design. You can see one of our prototypes in the image below.

What we don't like about this prototype is that the straps attach at the same point on the mask and the stitching is sloppy. Our final design will probably be closer to the mockup image above. 

We only have one set of prototype clips and they aren't in good enough shape to photograph anymore. You'll have to build the small metal clip in Photoshop that is visible on the outside of the hat. This clip has our logo on it. You can grab the logo below.  


1. Each submission must include 2 variations, hat and clip only, and with the mask attached (as shown). 

2. The Hat can be any color but needs to be relatively plain without any logos.

2. The Mask and straps must be totally black and look somewhat similar to our mockup above.

3. You can add any background but it must also work on pure white as shown. 

4. You'll need to design the small metal clip yourself in Photoshop. 

5. CGI and stock imagery is allowed but you must be able to prove you legally acquired the assets. 

6. Feel free to get creative or simply copy the mockup at the top of this post. 

The concept is quite simple but I need a high-quality, polished shot. If you can't beat the mockup I made in 10 minutes, you're not going to win this contest. 

If any of the submissions are good enough to use for our marketing, we will pay you $1000. I'll also send you a bunch of Hat Mask Clips when they come to market. The second and third best submission will receive a free Fstoppers tutorial from the Fstoppers Store. If no submission is good enough to use commercially, the top two submissions will receive a free tutorial and nobody will win the $1000 prize. This contest ends on Friday, February 5th. Have fun! 

  • Submission Deadline: Sat, 06 Feb 21 01:45:00 +0000

    New submissions are closed.

  • Voting is closed.

  • 8 people have submitted photos.
  • Winners have not yet been announced.

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Jeff McCollough's picture

A whole day has past and there is a total of ZERO entries lol.

Lee Morris's picture

I expected everyone would put some time into this and submit on Friday. We shall see

Stefan Olsson's picture

because that is just about as uninteresting as any photo contest I have ever seen.

Jeff McCollough's picture

I think over all reader interaction with Fstoppers articles is at an all time low.

Lee Morris's picture

We just set a site traffic record a couple of months ago.

Jeff McCollough's picture

I noticed that most articles are getting like 5 comments tops.

Michael Devaney's picture

hey congrats!

Steven de Vet's picture

well, with most articles are just linking to, or advertising for, YouTube videos, it's easier to cut out the middleman and just stay on YouTube.

My only interaction now with the Fstoppers website is checking to see if there is anything new in the contest area. Usually there isn't, but it's understandable enough if you are busy.

Either way, that's usually where my interaction stops, as there isn't really enough original content on the website to do much more than that. Groups are quiet (or dead) and there are hardly any (good) discussions or comments on the "articles" for random YouTube videos.

Great that the site has a high traffic record Lee, but it certainly isn't being reflected in the visual interactions on posts/articles and some contests.

Lee Morris's picture

This post is certainly getting a lot of interaction. Maybe we should do more stuff like this ;)

Jeff McCollough's picture

You need a whole clothing line lol

Andrea Re Depaolini's picture

Didn't read all of the comments but it seems nobody is complaining about the votes so this is definitely the best CTC so far :)

Steven de Vet's picture

maybe consider cleaning up the "community > photos > newest" first before continuing your clothing line.

it's a mess with "pictures" for weird ads, links to other clickbait websites, and other crap. And none of it is being removed by moderators.

Unless you feel that fstoppers is a good place to advertise for Mumbai call girls, locksmiths, Indian schools, hotels, etc.

Jeff McCollough's picture

I have a feeling it has to do with all the leftist political posts all the time. You might notice that there have been zero political posts lately which tells me something very interesting.

Lee Christiansen's picture

This is very true. Alex Cooke just scours his usual links to videos and pops them up with a few sentences and this is the main input of features nowadays.

But the quality and accuracy of many of these videos might suggest that he hasn't really watched the videos closely anyway.

We hardly get much in the way of individually creative writing, because copying a link to a video is easier.

Lee may say he's getting more traffic than ever before and that's how the team earn their £££ so congrats.

But McDonalds sell more burgers than anyone else - but it doesn't mean their product is of any quality.

So has FStoppers just become the McDonalds of photography,. If that's what the team want then yey for them. But I find I spend less and less time here, (so FS would still be getting that "hit" but I fear not for long.)

After a while things of low quality fade into the mire of meh, and sadly they disappear. Probably at the point where Lee and the team want to retire form it all anyway so I guess a result.

But I find myself hunting for better, and I find it often.

Jeff McCollough's picture

I agree. Most posts are just a few sentences with an embedded video, anti-Trump articles, witch hunt articles or similar. It's actually very sad to see the current state of affairs and it shows with the amount of comments on articles. Yes maybe there are hits but that doesn't always mean a lot especially when the average visit time here is about 2:43 according to online statistics.

Also you can see using different tools that Fstoppers does very poorly compared to other similar sites.

I don't actually mind the embedded video articles that much as long as there at least 1 or 2 good original articles a week and a couple of good reviews other days. It's not that hard to create content like that. What I hate are all the biased political articles which are always one sided.

Dan Grayum's picture

I threw my hat in the ring...

Deleted Account's picture

This is what we waited a whole month for?

Chase Wilson's picture

They're building a studio.

They're also whole people with lives outside internet contests.

Deleted Account's picture

Whole people?

Lee Morris's picture

Waited for what?

Deleted Account's picture

I look forward to your competitions, as I'm sure many others do too. Now especially, they provide welcome distraction from the day to day. It's been an unusually long wait since the last one closed and I guess I'm disappointed that there's not really anything to get involved with for most people.

Lee Morris's picture

Ohhh, ya sorry. We haven't been doing contests because I'm in the states waiting for a baby to be born and our studio is currently being renovated here. We did just get some gear in and we can now live stream from the livingroom here so we will do another normal photo contest soon.

Deleted Account's picture

All the very best of luck when the baby comes.

D Man's picture

Congrats Lee regarding becoming a is a fun adventure with them around!

Marc Perino's picture

Lee Morris I am not quite sure why you created this contest. ;)
Aren't your images good enough to advertise your product? Or don't you have the rights to those images because they are mockups?
Honest questions.

Although I like the idea and I wear a cap all day the problem here in Germany is that you have to wear medicinal masks and they would not withstand this kind of "abuse" (and they are supposed to be worn only once) and it is not very hygienic I guess.

But I hope you are successfull anyway. ;)

Lee Morris's picture

I created my mockup using images found online. Perhaps I've changed them enough to be "legal" but I'm willing to pay for a better quality image.

The idea of the clips is a goofy one for sure and one that the vast majority of people won't "get." For me, who always forgets my mask, but always wears a hat, it makes sense.

You don't have to wear the mask under the hat, you could just use the clips to remove pressure from your ears, but if you need to put a mask on quickly to run into a store, it's not a problem wear it around your ears for a few minutes.

A few people want it to wear for long periods of time (like on an airplane) but they still want to use disposable, one-time use masks but the majority of people who like this product, aren't too worried about ultimate safety.

Dan Grayum's picture

What did one hat say to another hat?
You stay here, I’ll go on ahead....

Sorry, I hat to do it..

Lee Morris's picture

I'll be a dad any day now. I guess I should practice my dad jokes.

Samten Norbù's picture

Why is that a contest ?? ... look like you need to hire ! I don't see why people would put effort in doing a work with a very low probability of being paid !
It ad nothing to do with a "contest" but more with an arena !
It's like company when they want to have low price pictures and a lot of choices they do this kind of scams.
It's disappointing to see fstopers hitting this kind of low :(

Dan Grayum's picture

The fact that anybody can submit a photo and that there are prizes awarded to the top images, this is indeed a legit contest.

I've been part of the FStoppers community for a few years. I have enjoyed countless hours of FREE entertainment, education and product reviews. Lee and Patrick seem like cool dudes, I don't see anything wrong with a contest like this.

Samten Norbù's picture

Don't read me wrong, I enjoy Fstoppers as much as anyone here and I've participate in countless contests here ... It's just that THIS ONE doesn't fit and doesn't feels right. Usually for the contest you go in your archive and do it to see how it can stand in front of the community. Here it's a order from a customer it's not contest material !

D Man's picture


Marc Perino's picture are saying...what exactly are you saying?

D Man's picture

what exactly are we discussing?

Marc Perino's picture

That was my question. 😅

D Man's picture


Marc Perino's picture

Yeah. That part I got. I just was not sure if you are FOR or AGAINST them. ;)

D Man's picture


D Man's picture

I thought this contest was open until Friday 2/5/21...but it closed and you cannot rate the photos....

Stefan Olsson's picture

Because it was a complete failure......

Miha Me's picture

I specifically bought a pack of black masks for this, only to realise back home they are completely without a proper ear string. So i'm out :D

Dan Grayum's picture

From the look of your portfolio, you probably would have done well. Why not change the straps in post?

Jan Eide's picture

Morris it seems like the community photo newest photo`s section has been bombarded with commercials and spam.

Steven de Vet's picture

just had a look.. and yea.. jeeeeeeeez.. it's almost only spam with a handful of actual pictures in there.

it's just pictures with clickbait titles, linking to other websites, some are just blatant advertising.. the "Top 10 things" .."top 10 hacks".. kinda titles.. Even advertisements for "Mumbai call girls"..

Lee Morris you might want to look into this..

Effah Marvin's picture

It says each submission must include two variables but I’m just allowed to post 1 pic but I did the cap and clip in a separate photo from the full item photo

microteck's picture

You're really good with graphics Lee Morris. Looks like you'll need to pay yourself for the best Product shots.

Jeff Bennion's picture

*click on the contest page* "Oh look, the contest that is not what they usually do has 43 comments. I bet they are all on topic. Let me check."

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