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Submit Your Best Photos Of Animals
  • Submission Deadline: Mon, 16 May 22 17:45:00 +0000

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For the next live critique, we want to see your favorite animal photos.

As always, each photographer can submit up to 3 separate images. The highest-rated image and one random image will receive a free tutorial from the Fstoppers Store. Only images with details about the photo in the description will be chosen.

Photographers complaining about low community ratings will be given a 1-star rating by Lee Morris to lower your score even further. 

Featured image by: Marcus Vorwaller

  • Submission Deadline: Mon, 16 May 22 17:45:00 +0000

    This contest has ended.

  • Voting is closed.

  • 135 people have cast a total of 9,020 votes on 286 submissions from 131 contestants.
  • Congratulations to the winners!

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Dan Grayum's picture

Im glad the CTCs are up and running again! 😀

Don L's picture

WOW - you guys are going to have a hard time deciding who is going to win this one....there are some really good photos...

Daniel Lightfoot's picture

Love these CTCs!

Lukasz J's picture

Same here

Charles Clark's picture

for the record I did not complain about low scores ! Its fun to upload pics.

Robert Henderson's picture

Darn! Now I know the submission deadline is Eastern Time. Oh well. :-)

Tom Reichner's picture

When exactly is the live critique scheduled for, and how / where do we watch it?

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

There's never really an exact schedule. Usually, they post them anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks after the voting has closed. You may see an announcement on the Featured Articles of the main page the live critique is about to broadcast. Then, they'll post the results on the main page.

That being said, sometimes, they'll have the critique video unannounced and haven't posted the results. For instance, there's 3 outstanding contests that's yet to be finalized: Smart Phone, Wedding, and Environmental Portraits

They house the critique videos here:

Tom Reichner's picture

Thanks for the info.

But .... if the critique is broadcast live, and I want to see it live, how do I know what day to take off of work if it is unannounced? I mean, I could have work plans or travel plans that need to be rescheduled to ensure that I am home when it first airs, so I can see it live on my real computer. How can we ensure ourselves of the best viewing option (live, large monitor), if the date and time of the premier broadcast is not announced ahead of time?

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

Oooops, my bad. When I mentioned them announcing it to be broadcast live, there's usually a countdown in 24/48 hours (something like that). I don't remember exactly since I don't watch live videos. I watch them after the live broadcast so I can fast-forward through the bits I'm not interested in.

So, even you miss the live broadcast, you can still watch the video. It'll either be in the:

1. Main page for a bit.
2. Past Contests section,
3. Or that YouTube link I provided earlier.

Lee Morris's picture

Here's our live channel:

My son has Rona AGAIN so we are waiting for this to pass.

Tom Reichner's picture


Thanks for the link!

I hope your son feels better very quickly. My brothers 3 kids all had it last week, but were all back to normal within 3 days, so hopefully your son has a similar recovery.

Corné van Oosterhout's picture

Tried to get your attention in the live feed, but you weren't reading the comment I guess. Photographer of the kingfisher with the fish here, I didn't win with this photo before, but with a similar photo of a kingfisher, see my profile. It was shot with a 200-400mm on 330mm, in bright sunlight with 6 fill-in flashes.

Lee Morris's picture

Thanks for the update!

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