$1,796 in Video Education for $89

$1,796 in Video Education for $89

5DayDeal has launched their latest video creators bundle, and we've joined in the sale. This year, Fstoppers has added an exclusive product that will give you insight into our film making techniques, The Importance of B-roll.

Have you been interested in learning video but aren't sure where to begin? The 2019 Video Creators Bundle is one of the most valuable deals that will help you get started. For the next five days only, 5DayDeal is offering a bundle of tutorials taught by industry professionals which will help you learn to shoot and edit quality video.

The main 5DayDeal bundle includes 14 products valued at $1,796 available for only $89. We have added The Importance of Broll to the Charity Bonus Bundle for only $19 more. When you purchase the Charity Bonus Bundle,10% of every purchase will go toward incredible organizations like Orbis, Mercy Ships, Make A Wish, and CURE. If you'd like to go one step further, consider the Pro-Add-On Bonus which will get you even more products at a heavy discount. Check out 5DayDeal's sales page to see the full list of products included in the bundle.

If you've been waiting for an opportunity to start learning video, saving up to 95 percent is probably the best deal you're going to get. On June 11th at 12 PM PDT, the deal will end and will never be available again.

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Ivan Lantsov's picture

you not sell that much for so little unless it actually worth much less~ 89 for 1700 is worth maybe 20 bucks, maybe only 10. this is joke, yes?

Jeff McCollough's picture

And what about us photographers.

"$1,796 in Video Education for $89"

when you write such a high price then such a low price, it doesnt tempt a person to buy. it looks low class.

They have this once or twice a year for photographers too and it’s a good idea on their side. If you’ve made all these videos that no one wants to buy you may as well get somethings for them. There’s the odd good thing in the packages but most of it is so so to not very useful. Most ends up never being viewed or it’s stuff you don’t require and it takes up space. The charity bit is clever too but a bit of an after thought. I’m sure the charities don’t mind

Patrick Hall's picture

This is the first time we have made content exclusively for this promotion. Our own tutorials do have a lot of worth and we never discount them this much but we thought it would be fun still giving back in a big way. Curious to see if people like this package and maybe we will continue doing something like this in the future.

I was genuinely interested in this bundle. But it seems like most of the tutorials are geared toward Mac users...

Ted Mercede's picture

I bought a previous 5 Day Deal promoted by F-Stoppers and was very pleased with it, especially the Wedding Photography part by Patrick and Lee. Because of that experience, I looked into this one yesterday and I could not find any specifics of what I would be getting. I watched the video, read all through the post and advert, and couldn't really find anything that specifically stated what you would get. I actually went to the purchase button hoping it would give me the specifics, and nope! You actually had to give up the card to find out (probably) what you were buying.
I think this would be much more successful if the details were given, just saying.

Freddie Gibbons's picture

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