Canon and Nikon's Year End Deals

Canon and Nikon's Year End Deals

If you've been saving up your holiday money for some new gear, check out this opportunity. In a big year end bash, Canon and Nikon are both offering some pretty big discounts on a bunch of different cameras and lenses. The best deal Nikon is offering gives you $1,000 off a D750 and lens while Canon is offering $650 off a 7D Mk II with various lens options. Not only do Canon deals include some of their best bodies and lenses, the award winning Canon 600EX-RT speedlite is also on sale. These discounts will only last until January 2 so check out your options below.

Although Nikon's best deals come with bundled camera bodies and lenses, there are still big discounts on individual items too. Check out all the bodies and lenses available from Nikon here.

You can see a list of all the Canon camera bodies and camera bundles available on sale here, and check out all the Canon lens and speedlite discounts here.

Have a happy New Year from the Fstoppers team!

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Prefers Film's picture

Sad that I am sitting on a pile of funds, and the only thing that catches my eye is the Sigma 300-800 5.6