Get a Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Photo Printer and 50 Sheets of Photo Paper for Only $59

Get a Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Photo Printer and 50 Sheets of Photo Paper for Only $59

We have two Canon PIXMA PRO-100 printers in the Fstoppers office, and we love them. They're reliable and create excellent, vibrant prints. For the next few days only, you can get a new printer and 50 sheets of 13" x 19" photo paper for just $59.

B&H is currently running a crazy deal on the Canon PIXMA PRO-100 printer. Though normally priced at $369, you can apply a mail-in rebate for $250. Then, using the code PPEBH18, you can take an additional $60 off, bringing the final price to just $59 for a brand new, highly regarded photo printer. B&H is also including 50 sheets of 13" x 19" photo paper with each purchase. The PIXMA PRO-100 prints up to 13" x 19" at 4,800 x 2,400 DPI and prints an 8" x 10" photo in 51 seconds. It features 8 ink cartridges (3 monochrome) and can also print CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays. The mail-in rebate is only good for purchases made through Halloween, so get yours now!

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Umar Junaid's picture

Does this work if buying from Canada? Saw the terms for the rebates and it says US distributor.

doesn't look like it, it's restricted to '50 states, excluding Rhode Island'... so we're the same as Rhode Island, I guess.

Oleh Brevus's picture

as always..... only in USA ....not for Europe

B&H is a US retailer so...

they operate internationally directly and through amazon. the website is in multiple languages and multiple currency. try again Jason.

There are different tax laws, import/export restrictions, manufacturer restrictions and requirements, tariffs, trade and competitions laws for classes of products, and warranty service/support requirements for different countries.

Really, i see deals for stuff in other countries that are not available in the US sometimes too. Different countries/different rules. What's the big deal?

Was that a good enough try or do you need me to do more thinking so you don't have to?

tries and fails,
amazon is an american retailer too and i get my discount from them, they have nothing against non Americans. your reasoning doesn't apply to this printer so try again.

the discount is given on this printer, i can buy this printer from B&H without getting the discount. i will get it shipped without the discount. so your whole argument falls on its bottom.

lee arthur's picture

Not bad for the printer... how much are replacement ink cartridges? That's where the money comes in to play.

Joshua Kolsky's picture

I use aftermarket Precision Colors ink. Youll save thousands on the life of this printer. You just have to refill your cartridges. I can refill a whole set in about 10 minutes.

Joe Petolino's picture

When this one runs out of ink, you just buy another printer.

Gabe Border's picture

I did this and still use the printer two years on. It works brilliantly. Ink is only $16 a cartridge and they last pretty well. I use it primarily to check color grades, and print my 11x17" portfolio. For best results...get a custom color profile made for the paper you use. I had one made for Moab Lasal matte 235 double sided and it was worth it.

I purchased one of these about Christmas last year (similar deal). Happy with the purchase, but didn't factor the rebate being an AMEX card (if I recall correctly; now it's a Mastercard?).

Not a big deal... EXCEPT I marketed the purchase justification to wifey as being a simple "when I get the rebate I'll deposit in checking account and it'll REALLY only cost $XXX". Rebate card came, wasn't able to put that into the account... so "I pulled a fast one," if you know what I mean. She has the card, but that doesn't buy me redemption.

Just a heads up is all...

I’m glad you like them. The Pro 100 images fail abysmally in fading simulations. No thanks, I print my images to last.

michaeljin's picture

Dye based ink vs. Pigment based ink. I'm not really surprised. Still a great deal if you don't really care about your prints outlasting you.

Aaron Reizner's picture

Have dyes gotten better in the last decade, at least? I had a Pixma printer circa ~2006 and prints from it faded noticeably in less than ten years. I swore off home-printing of photographs from that point on (at least on hobbyist budget).

However, at this price I admit it could be handy even for occasional use when I want a single print or something and it's not worth putting an order together for MPix.

I would refer you to the work by Mark McCormick at Aardenburg Images. In real world testing of the Pro 100 fading occurred in as little as 8 mega lux hours with an average around 20 or so. This translates to significant fading in an average home to less than 4 years or in a bright room with sun coming through the window to less than 4 months. No thank you.

Kirk Darling's picture

Most of us are not producing such universally sublime work that our prints are going to outlast us--better run that one by your children.

For such work (my "legacy" family photos), I have pigment canvases made.

Thanks for your post; it saved me from making a purchase I would have regretted. If it sounds too good to be true . . . .

michaeljin's picture

It really depends on what you're looking to get out of your prints. If you absolutely need pigment based ink because you want your colors to last 100 years, then look elsewhere but dye based inks will still last years so they're probably fine for most users. I'm not sure what there is to regret here since the printer is pretty much free.

I was going by Adam's post that the prints "fail abysmally, " which is a lot different from your post that they "last years." As an amateur making prints for family and friends (and occasionally for my granddaughters' soccer team), I can live with "lasting years" for my personal printing -- anything really special will get sent to mPix. I will say, though, as an amateur and a retiree on fixed income (retired teacher, not retired CEO), I live in a world where $59 isn't "pretty much free," especially factoring in the upfront payment to B&H of $309.99 and the potential 60-day wait for my mail-in rebate to be processed. But, I do appreciate your followup post, which gave me a better perspective on this printer. Thanks for the feedback.

imagei _'s picture

As I understand the printer is $10 if you factor in $49 RRP for the included paper.

Kirk Darling's picture

David Frey, expect "last years" to be as much half a century or more if kept out of bright UV-laden light (or behind UV-blocking glazing), using Canon's own inks.

Just sell it for $59. This crap of rebates...

Joshua Kolsky's picture

It prints up to 13x26

Douglas Turney's picture

Buy two, keep one and the paper from both. Take the second one and put it on Facebook marketplace or Craigslist for $100. Remember the holidays are coming so you have a chance to sell it before or right after when people get new cameras.

Whenever you post deals, could you please specify the country it applies to - your readers aren't just from US, you know ;)

Derrick Dean's picture

Don’t like it, don’t get it. By this time everyone should know what works for them before they purchase anything. At 59$ it’s a great deal.

charles warren's picture

This is a really capable printer and the rebate is excellent.

Awesome! Thanks for pointing that out!
I always wanted a good photo printer...but did not really need it...but for $60 including photo paper, it's a no-brainer!

Sean Evans's picture

For UK residents, shipping and duty come to at least $250. Even if you could activate the mail in (not sure how that works), it isn't worth it. I'm not complaining, I understand why we can't get the deal, just stating the facts.
So, how about us Europeans help each other find a good deal on this side of the Atlantic. Anyone got any links for a decent A3+ printer at a good price? My last remaining Canon S9000 died recently so I'm in the market!