Save $100s On The Black Friday Sale

Save $100s On The Black Friday Sale

This my favorite time of year. Not only are there great deals to be had on the year's coolest photography products, but it's also the time when my accountant reminds me to spend money needed for end of the year tax write offs. From now until the end of Monday, we are discounting many of the tutorials featured in our Fstoppers Store. For the coupon code and all deals , check out each of the products below:
Save 50% off The Art Behind The Headshot ($150 value)
Peter Hurley has given us the green light to offer his The Art Behind The Headshot at the lowest price it has ever been sold ever! For the next few days, use coupon code "BF2013" to get this incredible tutorial on headshots for only $150. That's a 50% savings on our most popular tutorial ever!  Read everything about this product on Peter Hurley's tutorial page here and check out the Art Behind The Headshot in Spanish here.



Save $100 of How To Become A Commercial Wedding Photographer
Lee and I recently released our own tutorial How To Become A Professional Commercial Photographer almost a year ago, and up until now it has never been discounted. We are extending the holiday cheer by offering $100 off this 14 hour tutorial now through Monday. If you are interested in building a career in the wedding industry or simply want a few extra tips for your photography or business, definitely check out our most thorough digital tutorial ever. Use code "BF2013" to save $100 now! Find out more about this tutorial on the full product page here.


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Save 20% off All SLR Lounge Products
slr lounge coupon codeThe guys over at SLR Lounge have been kind enough to extend a few discounts to our readers as well. From now until Monday, every SLR Lounge downloadable product is 20% off. Simply use the same "BF2013" code as above to save 20% off anything they offer in the Fstoppers Store. The tutorials made by SLR Lounge are some of the most complete tutorials on the market for speeding up your Lightroom workflow, making Lightroom presets, learning HDR, and taking great photos of people in natural light. For more information on everything they offer, check out their products in the Fstoppers Store.

The SLR Lounge Lightroom Workshop Collection V5

HDR Photography Workshop | A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering HDR Photography


Where Art Meets Architecture: How To Photograph Real Estate, Architecture, and Interiors
mike kelley discount codeOur newest tutorial with Mike Kelley: Where Art Meets Architecture - How to Photograph Real Estate, Architecture, and Interiors is so new we cannot offer any discounts on it yet. However, we believe this tutorial is our best produced product yet. If you are wanting to learn how to light interior spaces more efficiently or maybe want to give a gift to that photographer in your family, definitely don't overlook this 8 hour tutorial by architectural photographer Mike Kelley. You can view more information about Mike's one of a kind technique over at the full original post here.

mike kelley dvd torrent

food photographyTaylor Mathis - Photographing Food E-Book: Taylor Mathis is a full time food photographer who also writes for Fstoppers. If you haven't seen Taylor's awesome behind the scenes articles, check them out here. Taylor has also extended a nice 25% discount on his E-book Photographing Food. Simply use the code "BF2013" to save $10 and instantly download Taylor's quick and easy tips for food photography.


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I was hoping for a deal on Mike Kelley's new tutorial, that's alright though, it looks like there are some other really great deals!

Patrick Hall's picture

Yeah we just released maybe next year :)

I just bought the wedding tutorial yesterday. :( Can I still get a discount credit added back to my card??? I had no idea about this sale or I would have waited the 36 hours to buy it.

Not to give a sob story but as a high school student this was a pretty big purchase for me. The credit back would be a huge help.

Patrick Hall's picture

Shoot us an email and we can see what we can do

Hey guys, Awesome deals, but PLEASE PLEASE, tell me where to buy the flash disc already!!

mike charlton's picture

Hey Patrick...I tried to order the Commercial Wedding Photographer tutorial this morning (Monday morning)...but when I tried to order it...a message popped up stated the code had expired. The promotion said it would run until the end of Monday. How can I still get the discount? Had I known it not be offered today...I would've just order it last night. I only waited because I couldn't find a particular credit card I wanted to use.

Hey Patrick, I am in the same situation. I've just ordered Hurley's DVD and am now trying to purchase the Wedding DVD. It says the discount code is invalid even though the post says it runs through Monday. I emailed a bit ago if it's easier to reply that way. Thanks for any assistance you might be able to lend.

Sent an email via the contact page and haven't gotten any reply.

Zach Sutton's picture

These are some serious deals. Both the Wedding DVD and Headshot DVD have helped me a ton

Think I might have to snag the FStoppers Wedding DVD.... You can buy it on Monday / tomorrow right?

CODE EXPIRED! WOOT! I thought "through Monday" meant through the day on Monday which also makes a bit of sense since it's also cyber-monday. boo hiss

prasobh allways's picture

I would like to buy this (How To Become A Commercial Wedding Photographer) amazing product with a good discount. Patrick, will you provide a code please...

Patrick Hall's picture

At the moment there is no discount code for this product. We usually do discounts around the holidays.