Save $400 on a Sigma Art Lens Today Only

Save $400 on a Sigma Art Lens Today Only

The Sigma 40mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art lens is another star is Sigma's widely lauded Art line, known for its top-notch image quality at an affordable price. That price is even more affordable now, as you can take $400 off the lens today only. 

Sigma's Art series lenses are well known for providing great image quality at very competitive prices. The 40mm f/1.4 Art is one of the newest in the line, and it's received some great reviews for providing a rather unique focal length combined with a wide aperture, good autofocus performance, and great sharpness. 

The 40mm f/1.4 Art features a Hyper Sonic Motor, a brass mount, a nine-blade diaphragm, three Low Dispersion elements and three Special Low Dispersion elements to reduce color fringing and chromatic aberrations, an aspherical element to limit distortion, Super Multi-Layer Coating to reduce flares and ghosting, protective front coating, and full-time manual focus control.

If you need a great normal-length lens at an awesome price, today is an excellent day to pick one up. Get yours here.

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Jeremy Lusk's picture

40mm lenses: because who wants to take a step one foot forward or back? :)

You are making a fool of yourself with your severe lack of knowledge

It's a joke, not a dick. Don't take it so hard. You're making a fool out of yourself because you obviously don't understand the comparison in which he is referring to there already being a 35mm and a 50mm which both are phenomenal lenses, which most people have, so buying the 40 is a waste, gas syndrome, and thinking more gear is the solution. So it's you sir with the lack of knowledge.

Got the 40A shortly before selling my 50A. The 40 is MUCH better wide open. Now need to sell my 35... In case you didn't get the math, one lens replaces 2.

One lens replaces two until one lens breaks and you're left with none. Two is one, one is none genius. I hope this isn't your profession.

That has to be the dummest math and risk management argument I've read in a long time. You could just as easily lose two lenses in a mishap nitwit. Why not walk into B&H and buy 20 copies of your needed focal length if you're that risk averse? Or instead, buy insurance?

LOL...If you lose two lenses in one instant you really messed up. And having insurance does absolutely nothing if you need your lens TODAY, try telling your bride you can't finish her wedding because you only had one lens, but HEY, I have insurance so all is good hahahahaha. Go pound salt moron.

You can lose two or more lenses in a theft or a bad spill, etc. Clearly you are a professional fool, and not a professional photographer.

Obviously you don't know how to read because CLEARLY I said you can, and you then made the dumbest comment of all saying insurance makes it all better. I bet your bride would beg to differ and would chew your ass out. Clearly only one of us is actually getting the job done, so who's the real fool LOL

Jeremy Lusk's picture

Wow. This escalated quickly. It was a joke, y’all.

Some people can't take jokes and ALWAYS have to be right and belittle people. I thought it was funny. Clearly a joke with the smile face lol

Fool, what you did say was, "If you lose two lenses in one instant you really messed up." If someone stole my bag or burned down my house or the bride threw my camera bag into the lake, I did not mess up so long as I carried insurance. I agree with carrying redundant equipment but in that case I would have a 24-70/2.8 and a 40/1.4 and not a 35 and a 50. In your case, judging by your bridal shots, you would do just fine with the bottom of two Coke bottles.

Never heard that reference before so I have no idea what it means, I'm going to guess it's some snide jab saying my work is bad because you like to try and belittle people just so you can feel better about yourself. But guess what? My bank account and clients say differ, your opinion is as useful as a pine cone for toilet paper.

Joe Navas's picture

...or if you carry and use both a 35 and a 50 often and would love it if you could consolidate, not to mention that the Sigma 35 isn't exactly evenly sharp across the frame. ;-)

Finally someone that understands photography unlike the other two that posted before

Alec Kinnear's picture

No discount as of now. 40mm is a wonderful focal length. 35mm without the distortion or 50mm with some breathing room and background. Canon's 40mm f2.8 pancake is also tack sharp and a much more fun and useful street and travel size. This thing is a monster. 40mm is such a great street length, it would be a pity to buy such a stout lens.

Fun? A boring slow 2.8 lens with outdated optics? May as well use a cellphone. And who told you Sigma had travel lens as their goal for this lens
Why is people so narrow minded to think that if a lens does not fit their particular shooting needs it is useless?????

Deleted Account's picture

Are you in premenstrual period?…

Deleted Account's picture

Why should I but this instead of the 40mm pancake from Canon (lighter, less expensive, very sharp) ??
The answer could be because I use Nikon, but just supposing that I use Canon, why?
(Pro and con in real life… not on the paper.)

The 40A is sharper than the EF40, and the former is available in CaNikSon mounts.