Sigma Black Friday Instant Savings — Up to $300

Sigma Black Friday Instant Savings — Up to $300

I am a Sigma lens lover after they released their Art series of lens. I got very excited getting the Black Friday Instant Savings offer of up to $300 on a variety of Sigma lenses at B&H today. If you craved to get your hands on some of their lenses and were saving up to buy one, this is the right time to do so.  As an addition, most of the offers are eligible for 4% reward, it makes a double great deal.  

Here are some of the top deals:


View the complete list of available Sigma deals HERE for some great additions to your gear bag or share with someone who might benefit from it!

Happy Holidays! 

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Stephen Kampff's picture

Getting excited this week!

yeeeah, these are the standard prices on amazon . . .

Well, eigther you guys are paying a premium or it is a great deal from our local (outside US) Amazon Cyber Monday deals. In anycase just compared the 70-200 and I get it for $900.72 shipped.