Custom CD/Print Packaging For Clients

Custom CD/Print Packaging For Clients

Generally speaking, we as photographers get hired because of the quality of our work, but in a market flooded with up and coming photographers how do you make yourself stand out? You've already shot a job and now it's time to deliver the photos, how do you make a lasting impression so your client remembers you in the future? Hopefully the quality of your work is enough, but maybe it's wise to go a step further and wow them one more time. Aaron and Whitney at Durall Photography have a beautiful system for delivering finals to clients which leaves the client with one more lasting memory.

Most things I do get delivered to a client via an FTP download, but in the times I have had to deliver a CD to a client I have always felt unprofessional handing them a burned CD with my chicken scratch scrawled across the top of it  in sharpies. I have often felt that even though I gave them the best quality of work I could provide, I am still selling myself short and looking very amateur handing them a CD in a cheap little paper sleeve. So seeing the time and thought Durall Photography puts into their packaging is inspiring to me for future endeavors. Sometimes doing little things like this, going that extra mile, really helps you to stick in that person's mind. This is of course always a good thing because word of mouth advertising is FREE. Check out the images below to get an idea of how they deliver their finals to their clients, and check out the link at the bottom for their tutorial on how to make something like this.

If you would like the step-by-step directions, check out their post here!
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