How To Make A Steadicam From Two Old Hard Drives

Do you have any old hard drives kicking around? If you fancy yourself a bit of a DIY'er you might be pleasantly susprised at what you can make out of those old storage devices! Youtube user, Rulof Maker, shows us how to make a Steadicam out of 2 old hard drives and a few pieces from the hardware store. How's that for a fun spring project?

Rulof Maker gives you a step by step instructional video on how you can make your very own Steadicam out of some old hard drives. The project is a bit involved and has a few steps, but for those who are not afraid to tackle such endeavors, this could prove to be a fun project with some great results. All the pride of building your own camera stabilizing system and none of post shopping regret as you check your bank account balance.

If you try this let us know how it goes!

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Tony Tran's picture

After all that, I would just buy a Steadicam System and save hours of my life! haha

Austin Burke's picture

Yeah and use those saved hours to practice with a steadicam because people seem to forget you can't just pick it up and be instantly good with it.

Deleted Account's picture

It all depends what budget you have. In US low paying job will let you save for glidecam in a week, but in some countries you will make that much in a month...

Dorn Byg's picture

This tutorial seems to be lacking one thing...
ANY kind of simplicity.

Josh Robertson's picture

Oh, I get it now -- April Fools!