How to Produce 65mm Sensor Sized 12k Footage With a Super 35mm Camera

Most of have probably created a panorama at some point by stitching several images together. Some of you may have even tried the Brenizer method to mimic the look and feel of a larger sensor. I wonder, how many of you have stitched video clips together to mimic large-format cinema cameras? 

In a recent video from a channel called Media Division, Nikolas Moldenhauer talks about the benefits of a larger sensor size and also how to produce footage that's similar to larger cinema sensor cinema cameras. Most cinema cameras tend to use a Super 35 sensor size which is very similar in size to APS-C. This is generally the go-to size, however, some cinema cameras like the ARRI Alexa 65 operates with a significantly larger sensor. The sensor in this camera is actually even larger than full frame and this does offer a certain aesthetic depending on the lens choice. Shooting with the Panasonic EVA1, Moldenhauer demonstrates how he's able to produce footage with the angle of view from a much larger sensor while also producing clips that are 12K in resolution. Of course, something like this does require a good amount of work to produce and develop, however, There is something quite compelling. I find the final footage very pleasing to look at and I'm definitely a fan. 

Check out the full video to see how you can achieve this too. 

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