Jaw-Dropping Dance Portraits Created by Combining Talent with a Hobby

Jaw-Dropping Dance Portraits Created by Combining Talent with a Hobby

With a saturated market for photographers, it's hard to really make your work stand out. French photographer Dimitry Roulland, however, has done a fantastic job making his work unique and unforgettable. Aside from being a superb photographer, Roulland is a very talented dancer and gymnast as well. Combining his two talents together allows him to create art you've never seen before.

What makes his work different than other dance photographers are the locations he chooses. All images were taken in and around Paris, which adds so much depth to every single portrait and really compliments the subject in a special way. Even if the dance doesn't speak to you here, the way he composes the dancer with the scenery is epic. As stated before, for Roulland, it is all about combining photography with dance. This is an important lesson every photographer should take. If you have a hobby or talent aside from photography, think of a way to combine the two. This can lead to astounding results making you stand out in a saturated market.

You can follow Roulland's work on Facebook, 500px, or Instagram. He also has a second Instagram account where you can follow his dance and gym activity. If I could trade my photography for this kinda stuff I'd likely do it in a heartbeat.

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Andrew Stegmeyer's picture

These are amazing.

Duc Hong Quach's picture

simply amazing shots

Tam Nguyen's picture

These very much remind me of Dancers Among Us. I wonder whose idea is original. https://www.dancersamongus.com/

L L's picture

I immediately was reminded of Jordan Matter's (Dancers Among Us) work as well. Though I'd like to think there's room for both to have arrived at ideas like this.

Ricky Perrone's picture

They're both original. The ONLY thing the two projects have in common is that they feature dancers. The composition and subjects on this project are really nice, great shots.

Deleted Account's picture

Gorgeous images.

Anonymous's picture

Wonderful images. Reminds me of Little Shao.

Sergey Usik's picture

There are lots of photos like this out there
mine is here http://ballet-project.tumblr.com/

Charlie Magrin's picture

Wow i didn't know this guy his photography's amazing! Dani you made a mistake: all these photos were not taken in and around Paris, as the 4th one was taken at le pont chaban-delmas in Bordeaux, my home city, on the south west coast of France (famous for its red wines!) ;)

Claude Laramée's picture

Been following his work for a while and it's truly amazing ! Thanks Dani for sharing !

Thorsten Merz's picture

These are awesome - right up there with the likes of Oliver Endahl or Little Shao. Thanks for sharing.

Alterick Wilson's picture

No words

John Ohle's picture

Wonderfull shots!

Arnab Ghosal's picture

Have been following Roulland for a while on Flickr. His shots are amazing.

Sean T's picture

These are truly stunning. Are all these natural light?