A Beautiful Tribute To Shopkeepers Around The World

A Beautiful Tribute To Shopkeepers Around The World

French photographer Vladimir Antaki documents The Guardians of local shops he's visited in 9 different cities around the world including London, Beirut, Las Vegas, New York and Paris. This is all just part of an ongoing project in which Vladimir plans to take on the road as a traveling exhibition in the Fall of 2014. His use of centering his subjects in the middle of the frame helps to further illustrate the beautiful environment they are surrounded by every day.

THE GUARDIANS was born from my desire to document and pay tribute to these people, these "guardians of urban temples" that we meet everyday without really noticing... People pay less and less attention to their environment. They are always in a hurry, they don't take the time to spend time with one another. Unfortunately, these places will one day no longer be around. This is one of the reasons that compelled me to want to document these "guardians".

These places are sometimes magical, overloaded with elements, colours and stories, guarded by these characters who are sometimes touching, funny, quirky, and at times frightening. 
The photos that I take are often the only memory that this "Guardian" will have of him/herself in their daily environment. This photo can be the only visual record of the existence of this place, the only photographic memory.

You can see the whole series on Vladimir's Behance page.

All images used with permission.

[via TwistedSifter]

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Geoff Miasnik's picture

Fabulous idea and a great collection of images. Really fun and well executed. Congratulations

Justin Rosenberg's picture

Love this!!

James Nedresky's picture

Very nice, and an interesting project. It is truly amazing how digital technology is changing the way people purchase things so that they don't need to deal with the person they are purchasing it from.