Nat Geo Live! - Lynsey Addario: Lens on the Front Line

Lynsey Addario is an amazing photographer and an inspiring human being; she's a photojournalist who is literally changing the world. Be warned, parts of this video are graphic. In this episode of National Geographic Live!  Addario talks about some of her incredible stories - from being in Afghanistan under Taliban rule, to imbedding with the Marines, to being kidnapped in Libya, to maternal mortality in Sierra Leone (her images led directly to more doctors in the area) and covering the rebel uprising during the Arab Spring. Addario is a living example of the power of photography and its ability to make a genuine difference.

Lynsey Addario is a regular contributor for The New York Times, National Geographic and Time. She has covered conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Darfur and Congo. In 2009, she received the MacArthur Fellowship and was part of the team from the New York Times that was awarded the Pulitzer Prize. View more of Lynsey Addario's work here.

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Kristjan Järv's picture

Her job has to be really, REALLY exiting!

Ryan MacKenzie's picture

She has some serious guts!

Ruby Love's picture

She's one of my biggest heroes. Such an incredible human.

Richard Johnson's picture

What an impact! Makes me stop and think "What will my impact be on the world". The key to good photography is good story telling and she does it so well through her images.

Sean Shimmel's picture

In many ways, a refreshingly, feminine complement to Nachtwey's War Photographer (also she can easily stand on her own without labeling as female)

RUSS T.'s picture

ballsie chick