New Photo Essay Puts Immortality in the Spotlight

While it’s a part of life most people try to avoid, for her latest project, Danish photographer Cathrine Ertmann decided to put death right in the spotlight. “About Dying,” a photo essay she created in collaboration with journalist Lise Hornung, takes on the subject of immortality in an anonymous and universal tone rather than through the stories of the specific subjects she photographed. In a sense, by doing this, it comfortably helps bring the viewer much closer to the intimacy of their own fates. 

"It deals with the incomprehensible fact that life ends and hopefully reminds the audience that our time here is precious and what things really matter while we are here,” Ertmann recently told Beautiful Decay.

The images include everything from the cremation and autopsy processes, to various unnerving shots detailing muscular stiffening and the bruising that begins when the cells stop working and gravity pulls the blood to the lowest parts in the body. To read more about the project and see more of the images from “About Dying,” click the source link below. To find out more about Cathrine Ertmann, visit her site at

[via Beautiful Decay]

Images used with permission from Cathrine Ertmann.

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Ralph Berrett's picture

This is a well shot photo story. I photographed a lot death in my career. I captured it usually as it was happening. It is a tough subject to cover. I photographed a lot of fires, accidents, natural disasters, and homicides as photojournalist. It is a hard subject that I don't really recommend this subject. The best way I can express this is that it makes your cameras heavier.

Plane Crash with 5 victims that burned to death.

Family members grieve at scene of a train that crashed into car that had four family members.

Paulo Macedo's picture

It takes guts, not only skills but guts. Those pictures would haunt me for a lifetime. And like Ralph says, this kind of work makes your camera heavier...
Respect for the people who does this tho. It has to be one of the hardest jobs in the world.

Melisa Dylan's picture

These pictures evoke undescribable feelings. These actually make you think about life and how easy you can destroy it. Depicting deaths is hard, be it via phtography or writing (the latter I did for but I supposs it wasn't as emotional as these picture). No matter what phtography is the best way to convey such things since if you write about it, a person who never saw death won't be able to imagine it as it is. But if you capture it on film, it will stay in minds of people who have neer before thought about death ad had no idea how it looks.

Claudia Corw's picture

That is awful pictures. I don't think it is possible to publish that kind of photos. I hope nobody will feel all of this. I am writing an essay about these kind of situations (when you face the death) and I need your help in that. Do you know some resources like ? I was looking for them but failed.

Gessika Kastro's picture

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