Thomas Ekstrom x VSCO = Fantastic Photographs of Officer Training School

Thomas Ekstrom x VSCO = Fantastic Photographs of Officer Training School

Thomas Ekstrom recently had the opportunity to photograph the Norwegian Army's officer training school for Monocle and used VSCO to process all of his images. The results are nothing short of amazing.

Ekstrom described his experience with the group of officers-in-training: "They were in the middle of ‘hell-week,’ where they sleep out in the forest, only for 2-3 hours a night, carry rucksacks weighing almost half their bodyweight and go through both physical and mental trials. I think this was the 5th day; so, they were pretty exhausted and didn’t care about me being there whatsoever. This really allowed me to capture some unfiltered emotions." He utilized VSCO to process all of his images, using a customized preset he made based off the standard offerings. Here are a few of the images that were published.









See more photos from the project and read the interview over on the VSCO Journal.

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haven't seen too much VSCO processing i like....this is actually well done...

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"unfiltered" emotions. Ha.

Nice! I also had the chance to do the same thing with the British army officer training for Sandhurst. They too were doing their "Hell week"  It was an awesome day chasing them all over the training base with rounds going off and grenades ect! (Blanks of course!) The base is specially built to represent Afghanistan with compounds, bazaars ect.

Nice but I think "The results are nothing short of amazing" is exaggerating a bit.

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 Agreed. Just like Instagram (Which i refuse to use), taking a picture of a mediocre object like a rock or a shoe, throwing on murky/blurry color to make it look "vintage" does not a great picture make- it's still mediocre. Now on to these photographs- the only ones that i actually liked were the first three. The rest are everyday average (but processed through VSCO everyday average... i.e. the Instagram Syndrome). Interesting photos though of something you don't often see. :)

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wth is that cover photo??? Legitimate rape?!

Grey Chen Junyang's picture

mmmmph. seems like my comment was removed by the mods or something. but honestly what is in that cover photo? o.o

Jon Lemon's picture

This was a battle simulation, so people were screaming, injured, etc. I assume the girl is "injured" and he is trying to calm her down to treat her. Seriously, rape?

Grey Chen Junyang's picture

well, I agree that I over dramatized the situation but I don't see how your assumption is better than mine.

Its a wide angle shot with context in the background. Now tell me which person behind the two in question, looks like they're simulating battle? They're building a shelter... As a matter of fact none of them are wearing helmets, load bearing vests nor with their rifles... hardly combat simulation

Now I might agree with Rob that she might have popped post training or Dave that she is injured for real. Seriously, "injured"?

Anyway apart from his comments - my point is, the sequence is either out of whack or captions would have helped.

Considering this is hell week, it appears to me that the person wailing may be having some kind of break-down or freak-out and her squadmate is trying to calm her down.

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Could also be wrestling.  Something that happened frequently when I was in the military. 

Seriously. Rape? In broad daylight? In public? They allowed a photographer to shoot the scene? AND publish it? Seriously?

I think these are well done. not over done or anything. Nice work

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Look at image 4 and your will understand why she is screaming. That looks painful.

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I'm scratching my head on these  pay for 3rd party keyboard shortcut programs. 
Cant you just use AutoHotKey and create what ever you want.  

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oh this guy uses paddy and a midi controll and show you how to set it up