Tokyo in Black and White: The Street Photography of Tatsuo Suzuki

Tokyo in Black and White: The Street Photography of Tatsuo Suzuki

Japanese photographer Tatsuo Suzuki captures the frenetic atmosphere of Tokyo through richly toned black and white street photography. Suzuki’s use of long exposures and high contrast serve to emphasize the overwhelming experience of navigating a massive urban environment.

Suzuki’s subjects show a fascinating mix of exhaustion and frantic energy. Some are pictured hurrying past, while others lay passed out in subway seats, clutching their purses. Technology is another interesting element in Suzuki’s images as people focus intently on their phones; seemingly unaware of the city humming around them.  

Tatsuo Suzuki was born in Tokyo, and began photographing in 2008. You can find more of his work on his website and Facebok page.

All images used with permission.

[Via LensCulture]

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Aaron Brown's picture

Great gritty, contrasty street shots!

Andrew Griswold's picture

These are fantastic, such true grain to each photo. Just seems to pull you in with the culture.

Ralph Berrett's picture

It is good to break from western images alone, and look at other cultures.

Bob Bell's picture

Strong stuff, like it.

George Iliakis's picture

I find very rude to photograph random people that they don't won't.

tristan lamour's picture

i find it very childish not to speak in full sentences.

George Iliakis's picture

what do you mean by this? i just express my opinion for the specific post..

LEVARWEST Benjamin's picture

FR///////////////// Magnifique, ces photos sont tellement intense. J'adore. J'en veux dans mon salon :)
ENG///////////////// Beautiful, these pictures are so intense. I love it. I want in my living room :)

Ruby Love's picture

:) Moi aussi! Vous pouvez les acheter ici:

Chris Quijano's picture

classic. oh japan.

Millie Williams's picture

As an amateur street photographer I like to find inspiration anywhere I can find it because it is a little controversial.When I see photos this good I have the courage to continue. Fantastic!