2019 NYCDFF Deadline Approaches: Only Three Days Left

With the new year in play, you only have so much more time to submit to the fifthth annual New York City Drone Film Festival.

From what I can imagine, this year is going to be the best of them all. Over the past five years, word has spread and the NYCDFF is known pretty well in the drone community. Getting a bit into FPV myself this year, I am really excited to see that category and also look forward to seeing how creative others get.

The film festival is not only a great place to see good drone films, it is a place where you can learn about pretty much anything drones are capable of doing. With the deadline approaching on January 7, 2019, we are just a few days shy of final submissions. So, if you plan to submit a film, this is the last week to film and edit!

After all the films go through a voting process, the NYCDFF will resume on March 1st-3rd, 2019. If you feel like it's a bit late for you to submit, save those ideas for next year's festival (just write them down). If you are just looking to see what the this is all about, come to New York and check it out; tickets will be on sale for the next few months!

More info on NYCFF.

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Thanks Ty Poland The festival is taking place March 1-3, 2019! Yes the films are insane so far.

Ty Poland's picture

Im gonna take your word for it! I'll also fix the dates. Been following you and seeing that shen drone in action. Excited for this year!!