Need an Underwater Drone for Exploring Swamps and Swimming Pools?

Underwater housing can be incredibly expensive, so the next time you need submerged shots for your client, why not shoot using a submersible drone? Check out this short video and find out how it can be a crucial tool when it comes to filming underwater.

In this video, Gene Nagata a.k.a. Potato Jet tests out the Aquarobotman Nemo, a wired underwater drone that can achieve depths of up 330 feet (100 metres) at a price of around $1,400. This remotely operated vehicle (ROV) shoots 4K at 30 fps with the option of 1080p at 120 fps and seems to be a lot of fun. As Nagata points out, given the cost of underwater housing and the complications that come with scuba diving, this could be a viable alternative if a client requires a small amount of submerged footage. When you also consider that an average scuba certification allows you to typically descend to around 60 feet, the Nemo opens up a lot more potential, though a client would then have some very specific requirements. You can find full specifications here.

One thing that you have to Nagata credit for is finding a way of overcoming the fact that Aquarobotman sent him a unit that didn’t contain enough buoyancy foam. It’s not clear whether Durex or Skyn proved the better bet or whether flavour was key to getting the Nemo to stop sinking to the bottom. Your thoughts in the comments, please!

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Studio 403's picture

Great post, be a fun way to explore fresh waters where I live, very nice. but , but, think I will wait for the next generation to “surface” .

Leigh Miller's picture

So...he throws it in the water before reading the manual on how to operate the thing?

mmm and aristocrat.